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Living with Anxiety
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Anxiety Attacks

I'm suffering from severe depression and only recently I've been hit with breakup-Anxiety, I'm finding it really hard to cope I'm not sleeping properly I'm getting horrible feelings in my stomach my mind is fuzzy, I am absolutely falling apart. We have a child together and I'm constantly over thinking, thinking about her getting into another relationship and bringing another man into our daughters life. She cheated on 4 times during our relationship but I loved her so much I couldn't let her go, we'd been together for 4 years. We constantly argued over stupid things, she'd bad mouth my mother constantly, she's dealing with her own problems she has bipolar, depression and is an alcoholic and I'm trying to support her through that. But this is it between me and her, but my anxiety is getting the better of me. I'm breaking down in public and when I'm alone, I'm finding it hard to take care of my little angel when I have her, but if I do tell her mother she'd say I'm unstable. She called me a Suicidal pig when I told her about my depression, just wondering if anyone has any advice for me, I'm falling apart here :(

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Sounds like you have been going through so much & there is no wonder you are feeling depressed & now suffering with anxiety & breaking down would be something most of us would be doing even without anxiety if we had to have been dealing & now going through what you are , so first please don't see yourself as weak or a failure in any way as it sounds like you have been staying really strong over the last 4 years until you cannot physically & mentally take it any more which I am not surprised that you would feel this way

Sometimes we can love someone with all our heart & try everything possible to make the relationship work & while we are doing so we forget who we are & loose our own self worth & forget we are worth been respected & loved in the way we should be

I know you say & sounds like your partner has problems ( which seem complex & sorry that she is suffering to ) but these as well could be classed as mental health problems which I am not over keen on the word mental health but it is the mind that is ill at this time but it is no excuse to treat others in a way that you have been treat & you may not want to hear this as I can tell you are very much in love with this person but I feel she has to sort her own issues out while you take care of you

Having said that this is anxiety support & not marriage or relationship counselling so coming back to you who are the most important person in your life because without your own health you won't feel like you are strong enough to care of your daughter so even though you may not be used to caring about your own emotional well being now is your time to take care of it & I would start by going to see your Doctor , if you have been already then go back again & if not then tell them everything you are & have been trying to deal with & how you are feeling & struggling yourself , you may decide to take medication even if only for a short period of time or you may decide to accept some counselling to help you work through this or even both but you need support , please ask for it as well as posting on here & getting support from others

Take Care x

Just wanted to add none of us know what the future holds & there are no guarantees but one thing you can be sure of & know one can ever take away from you no matter how circumstances may change & that is the fact that you will always be that little girls Dad ( never forget that ) :-)


Hi sorry your not in the place you want or need to be ,what someone said to me once and its so true ,,,quote ,,,you havn,t been weak ,,,,just strong for too long,,,if you can focus on ,,you,,,but one day at a time,none of us know what the future holds ok the past was crap,if you can learn something brill,make this a journey a new exiting journey ,get to know yourself ,speak to a councillor if you can and the quicker the better get a life for yourself dont wait your new life the one thats right for you wont come for you ,I never thought of going to see a councilor but speaking to people you dont know helps a lot you can get it all out ,also bye a book called AT LAST A LIFE BY PAUL DAVID ,its a book to keep I wont be without it ,try if you can to just think about today ,not yesterday or tomorrow ,you will be a stronger person you will get through this ,your not ill or mad your mind is just tired ,so go easy on yourself think of now as the beginning of a new journey for you and your little one ,good luck


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