Living with Anxiety
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Hi all. I have a Dr appt today and I am so scared of what they will find. I had an abnormal test at the lady Dr a couple years ago, but lost my insurance before it could be fixed. Lately I've had quite a bit of constant pain. I just got my insurance back and I'm headed to the Dr later today but I'm terrified. I keep imagining that they are going to tell me I waited to long and now there is nothing they can do. I imaging dying painfully as I rot from the inside out. I keep thinking that I'll never see my kids grow up and that my husband will be alone. I'm so sad and afraid.

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I am wondering if you have been to the doctors yet ?

I take it you must live in maybe America or some where like that as you speak of Insurance & in the UK we have the NHS

I am sure that by going even though you have had to deal with you anxiety to do so you will get peace of mind & then think of all the negative thoughts & feelings that you have been having today as a positive because you have challenged your anxiety by going so for today you beat anxiety :-)

Hope everything goes well x


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