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Health anxiety

Right I've had a cold/flu type thing with an awful cough etc was checked by doc and they said to just ride it out had it for like 2 weeks now slowly getting better but still have awful cough but I went out last night drinking and now this morning I've woken up with barely no voice etc and now I think it's something terrible up with my throat I go through good patches and bad patches of worrying about health etc :(

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Hope you are feeling a little better today :-)

I have this awful cough like flu thing & feel shocking at the moment , sometimes when we have a virus like this we can think it has gone but then it can come back a little bit , maybe it was to soon to go out & have a few drinks but I am sure you will be fine :-)

Take Care





I feel better today, it was my works xmas do so was fun to go out, think I slept funny on my pillow last night though as woke up this morning and my neck is really aching :-( one thing after another voice is coming back though xx


Vitamin C. It is the cold killer.


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