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Burning sensation on scalp

Has anyone experienced this... I do when its hot or just when i get hot i get this weird burning sensation on my scalp... it feels like its just under the scalp..... i cant even explain its irritating when i get it its like a thrush and goes away then i will like only get it the next day if i focus too much on it i just wana know if anyone had this before..... its scary

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I get a burning sensation all over my body as if someone as just set me alight. I then blackout. It is very scary. It is anxiety/panic. You can get it checked at your doctors if it is really troubling you. Hope this helps. Take care.


I have the exact same thing. GP told me it's because the blood rushes to you head when you anxious even subconsciously. Also all the muscle around you cranium tighten too. I still get it now when I am anxious xx


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