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I hate winter!

It's been a long time since my last post. Some of you will know I was doing a placement with Welsh Government but was removed after they claimed I was online and posting rude things about who I was working with, all was rubbish! Yes I did post about my time there but I wasn't rude or out of control. I am now starting a new placement with NHS late November.

Right now I am hating winter. My anxiety kicks off big style. Right now it feels like I've got goosebumps all over my legs, some part tingle but I don't have weakness or numbness. I do think it's the cold weather which makes it all worse and makes me panic even more. Ears are still messed up, the cream helps. I hate itchy dry ears.

I am wondering if winter effects everyone this way?? I would love warmer weather lol. I hope it don't snow or else I will be a moody pain lol.

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i have to say I hate the dark mornings and nights especially when I have to drive. Also cycling becomes more difficult and people are reluctant to go out in the wet and the cold. Coughs and cold can also be a real pain but on the positive side the food is good and warming. Stew and dumplings yum yum.



Hi, I don't like the dark nights and mornings, but the last few days have been sunny, which I have to get outside to enjoy it. I suffer with S.A.D at this time of year, but I do like the snow, albeit I don't have to travel to work in it, the snow makes it brighter.

Hope the sun keeps shining. xx


I hate winter. Think I have. S.A.D I panic more I can't. Cope in winter it really makes me feel ill I count the months until. Summer


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