Living with Anxiety


Hi people,

Any Positivity out there today, after all it is Friday!

My starter for 3 are:

1: Managed to drive for 45 minutes although extremely stressed.

2: Remained calm, when I discovered my GP had filled my sick note in wrongly and it had to be returned.

3: Seriously thought about a job opportunity, but realised that it was taking a backward step.



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Hi there :)

You've well my friend :)

Mine are;

Helped my neighbour with some shopping.

Had to let a workman in to do some work.

Cleared my garden

Hope you have a good day :) xx


Thank you,

Hope you've marked this week in the feel good ledger of life.

Glad to see you cleared the garden all in time for the week end weather!

Take care 'Yummi'




:) x


hi 1b4bed, that does sound positive!

mine are

1 the work on the outer walls of my house is finished.

2 it looks lovely :)

3 a friends son has come through a very tricky op okay.


Good Evening Hamble,

I am really glad so much has worked out for you in the past week.

My thoughts are with your friend's son and hopefully others on the site will be positive too.

We all suffer anxiety, but sooner or later a real need for worry always puts our feelings into perspective, I believe this is a case in point.

Take care





Hello. I misses "positive Friday" but glad you posted. Good job on your week, especially #3... I think it's good to be able to recognize when an opportunity will not be the best.

My positives are:

1) spent time with my family finishing our Halloween costumes.

2) stayed out late Friday night with friends and my husband. It was lots of fun.

3) enjoyed some relaxation time this week watching a TV show.

Wishing you a great weekend.


Hi Petita,

Saw you hadn't posted so thought I'd try and keep the spirits up. Yeah right!

Was a bit worried about where you were when you stayed out, then husband was added as an afterthought. Glad you had so many positives.

You enjoy the weekend too.




sounds like you had a nice week Petita :)


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