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Medical assessment And seeing the GP

Ive got a medical assessment on Thursday and I'm stressing out so much, I can feel my anxiety going through the roof, I really don't know how to stop feeling like this:/. Im having this assessment for my ESA, I know for a fact they will twist everything and say I'm fit to work when I and my GP now I'm not, my GP doesn't even think I'd last day at college which isn't good!:( dont know how to calm down! The job centre lady doesn't even think I can work the way I am but she has said they will most likey turn me down. I've been told many ties to apply for PIP (due to me having a bad back and had spinal sugery.) but I feel like I'm taking someone's money that is worse off and that I don't deserve it.

Anyway I've been trying to make an appt to see my go to get some anti depressants like my CPN said I need but last night I had a phone consult and the GP wanted to see me first, so I tried to make an appt, there isn't any! And now I am seeing a random, different GP again, just as I was getting used to the one I had. Argh it's so hard!

Horsemad xxx

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Hi Horsemad,

Bet I can guess where the spinal problem came from.

Go back if you can in the mist in time on this or the Anxiety Support site, some where you will find a download for the ESA assessment and points scores.

I only remember it's there, one of the more regular users may know exactly. Thank Why Why for it.

I did it and was able to gild the lily a little when mine came up.

Take care



Hi, Thankyou I will try and find it later, I had a phone call just to say that they were sorry but it had to be cancelled due to them being overly booked and have no time, but they will get another appointment send out. So all this stress has been for nothing!


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