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I've made a mistake!

On Monday I started a 12 week placement at the Welsh Office. I was looking forward to it but had a call off the people who got me the placement and it seems I am no longer wanted there. It seems some Facebook posts they didn't like I posted ( one about being bored but posted after work) and being a busy bee. They also claimed I slagged off a person I worked with ( I didn't ) and well bought the government into a bad light! I was shocked. I was't informed about personal postings on online would be read by them and it seems my placement manager wasn't happy with me (yet all day yesterday we chatted and she acted nicely to me)

I am shocked. I am worried this will cause Job Center to stop money. I know what I posted but I never spoke about anyone I worked with. I am scared now.

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Sorry for your problems but unfortunately social media is seen by nearly everyone these days including those we'd probably wish didn't - as in your case. The written word can so easily be misinterpreted. A tongue in cheek remark can be seen as something much more when there's no physical interaction just writing.

I never make any comments on FB or anywhere - not even emails - that could be misconstrued or seen by the 'wrong' people.

Maybe you need to tackle it head on and state your case before the Job Centre hears from the Welsh Office. I hope it works out.


I will go in on Monday and tell them. I am mad about them claiming I was rude about them when I wasn't. I know it was silly but I don't see how my boss who told them she was mad at me wasn't mad at me yesterday. I will make sure I put my side across on Monday


oh dear!

You do have to be o careful when you work for a government organisation. AS you have said i suggest you go to Job Centre and give them your side of the story. I'm afraid that in government departments there is a hierarchy and your boss was probably asked to say nothing. Hope things work out.



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