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Tonsils are on fire!!!!

I really do hate my tonsils. When they get sore, they really kick off and are sore for days. I've begged the doctors to remove them but they won't (until they really cause an issue) It's my last 2 days down my Gramps and he's been like eat all the ice cream to make them feel better lol. I do wonder can anxiety cause tonsil pain! I bet it don't lol. Apart from this and other things, I am feeling more alert and muscle pain has gone away so that's good but now my tonsils are kicking off big style

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Sorry to hear you're suffering with your tonsils, mine always flare up when I'm run down. I find gargling with soluble aspirin and throat sprays help and plenty of rest. Hope you feel better soon :-)

Jules x


Morning cardiffgirl

Am sorry to hear you not to good with tonsils. But ice cream sounds good to me.

Sounds like you are having a nice time with your gramps and are relaxing which is good to hear.

Wishing you a nice day.

gardener x


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