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Hello my loves

Hello hello

Here again xxxx

Been really slaving myself to work.

Woke up today with hell of intrusive thoughts, when I get these images I automatically panic reach my phone and log in to this website :)

I feel really scared my loves, why is is like that. When I have these thoughts everything I feel is connected. Like everything I see is related to it, like a final destination movie.... Like if I'm eating I see fork and I get thoughts it becomes so heightened. Suddenly a book that I've read years ago and the title bothers me. Suddenly every single break in the car becomes an accident scene etc...... Oh my god :( I feel terrified then because I'm terrified I get anxious then I get nightmares then I'm more anxious wahhhhh is there a way out of this forever, will there ever be a time that I won't ever get this thoughts,?

Love you all


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Hey Ellie,

Intrusive thoughts are the worst!

Id be sat in college and say to the girl next to me, imagine If the world just blew up now and she'd be like are you on about aha, I just have horrible thoughts and go through it all like were my family would be etc!

I'd hope we can get over them but as ou probaly now it's worse when were alreay anxious so we should make the most of the time we relax!

Enjoy your evening x


Hi Ellie.

Instrusive thoughts arnt good at all,makes anxiety worse,then you start to overthink,and then you get in that vicious circle.

Have you tried the deep breathing to try and relax,hopefully it'll work and you'll be able to enjoy your evening .

Anne x


hi elle, o/h is exactly the same, any death, any war on the tele, any bad news, really affects her thinking, she now puts on her headspace, which makes her think of just the here/now, give it a go , first 10 weeks are free i think, love jasper xx


Hi Elle

Intrusive thoughts are horrific. I find I get them more if

I am tired

I am stressed

I am ill

So try and reduce your stress, get lots of rest and eat a good diet.



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