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Saw my doctor today and now I feel :)

I've been back to my doctor who told me my ears have bad dry skin, got some cream for them and also heart is fine. He checked pulse and blood pressure, he insured me I am Not going to have a heart attack and it's down to anxiety. I felt so happy to know I am not going to die (I know it's silly but that was a worry) and heart is good and beating normally. He does feel I've got a Overactive thyroid so I've got a blood test on Monday! Not a fun of those things but I wonder if that shows up any issues. So I am calmer now :)

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Hi Cardiff xx it's great that you got to see your doctor and he has put your mind at ease :) he's seems to know what he's doing when many cast u aside x glad to hear it's made u feel calm xx nothing is silly with anxiety but hopefully u can cast aside the doubts and enjoy the sunshine xx donver


Hi Cardiffgirl

I'm really pleased you went to the doc and got some relief and your mind has been put at rest xxx



Glad you got in to see your GP :-)

You must feel really relieved now he has reassured you , I hope so :-)

Hope you have had a lovely day :-)





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