Living with Anxiety

Nearly home time

My boss has just went home so I'm doing heehaw for the next 30 minutes till its home time.

I hope everyone has had a very good day and has done lots of productive things hehe. I was just saying to my colleague there that I cant wait now for the winter and dark nights as I hate lying in bed watching TV in my jammies whilst the kids are still out playing in the street. Also my current mood reflects rain....Nothing better for heartache than walking about in the rain being soaked to the bone, makes you appreciate when you get home. :)

Hope everyone has a nice night


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Hi Ashley :-)

Have you done much work today you seem to have been on her most of it :-D

Oh 30 mins & shoot of I would to :-)

Now come on chin up this is going to pass you will come out the other end I know you will :-)

Better do some ironing now :-/





Have barely done any work today. System was down for ages. How's that ironing coming? Xx


I did notice :-D

Oh ironing finished , need to put it away though & there are a few bits & bobs still left to do :-/



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