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Stupid eyes and glasses!!!!!!

I am not happy right now. I know I needed new glasses but they are slightly stronger then old ones and I've got dry eyes too. My right eye is worse then left eye. I got told to use hot cotton wool on my eyes to help with it, but it's a pain in the butt to be honest. I am off to London on December 6th for a weekend and I am all tense and feeling stressed out! I've got a tension headache too and feeling really off colour. I didn't want or need this right now. I need to relax but I've got a busy weekend coming too. Oh happy days !

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I find it hard to adjust to new glasses to !

I need them for reading & the computer & I have had some new ones for the last 2 years but still find myself using my old ones , yet I get headaches & I no it wont help me as I dont use the right glasses !

When you have time , keep trying them & slowly you will adjust

I dont no if you have noticed , but a lot of us are using the Anxiety site again as it has Admins & is the lovely secure community we were all used to again

So if you want to have a look & post on there as well as I am mostly over there now as well as others , you will get lots of support

By all means if you are happy on here thats fine , but just thought I would say in case you started to notice it was a bit quite , you no now where some of us might be

Hope you have a lovely day





Change your drops,and frames if it getd worse.


Hi take your time new glasses make things bigger and probably a bit squiffy for a while .


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