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Low-Carb High-Fat (LCHF)
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Type 1 diabetes

Hello, Everyone I am Dr. Aasif khan, Pune

On April 14th 2017 my 20 yrs son just collapsed & was admitted in CCU diagnosed with Diabetic Ketoacidosis . Type 1 BSL 400. Recovered in a week Now on Insulin Human Mixtard 25 &15 units twice & Glimp M 1 tab

Today BSL F was 424 without insulin. He is OK now with med also started Homeopathy from 2 months.

Following Anup Sir I came on this post.

Being a Novice here please advise abt diet & further management.

Thanks in Advance

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Go to Anup's site:



Thanks for the immediate response


Aim to have a consistent amount of low Gi carbs at each meal, about 50 grammes. Keep protein to about 20g per meal, and adjust intake of natural fat depending on whether he needs to maintain or lose weight. This should facilitate keeping insulin needs low.


Thanks for your help

He is a lean boy of abt 45 kg & there is a family history of DM, with me & my parents having Type 2.


If it's type 1 diabetes, why Glimp 1M is prescribed? It's for secretion of insulin in D2M cases


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