Treatment of Diabetes getting worst in India

Hi All,

I met one of my Friends father recently. He is struggling to control his Sugar level since 1999.

I asked him how are you managing it now a days.

He told me his story as follows:-

I was pre-diabetic since 1999, till 2005 i was able to manage it through exercise. After 2005 it was getting worst so i started using metaformin . after 10 years i am using insulin now(12 unit night ) plus 2 doses of metaformin.

I asked any medical help you have taken . He said yes i have consulted one dietitian he told me to follow the following diet.

Stop :-

Milk Product

No Chicken No eggs No chapati




Rice with daal

Eat Sweet if you want but moderate in quantity.

This example reminds me the sentence of Mr. Anup "Indian Doctors do not have any basic knowledge of Diabetes "

Seriously These kind of Doctors and dietitians are killing the patients by giving such menu.

No Doctors gives the perfect solution of diabetes which is diet change (Less carb High Fat) . I dont know why ?

Myself Having diabetes since Aug 2015

I am experimenting many things these days.

Conclusion :- Diabetes is all about diet change nothing else. If you eat Less carb you are doing a favor to your body as well overall health.

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  • Reversing Diabetes begins with IGNORING the GUIDELINES. Mainstream diabetlogists are WILLFULLY IGNORANT. It's all about drug sales and commissions.

    Doctors have been trained to push the Ancel Keys LIES as best as they can as that allows DRUGS to sell by Truckload. Yes, the more patient oriented one's aer an exception as they look toward LCHF, Ketogenic diet etc as it really works far better than covering high carbs with industrial doses of drugs and insulin.

    High Carb Low fat NONSENSE is killing Type 2. Eating sweets in moderate quantity is like saying one should have Marijuana in "Moderate" quantity as that reduces weight also :D :D

    After half a decade of drug free type 2, out of which almost 4 years is completely sedentary lifestyle, I am now experimenting with KETOGENIC diet, which is C <10% , P ~15% and Fat > 75%. Blood glucose runs around 90 average throughout the day and I am into Nutritional Ketosis for 7th day now -- testing for ketone levels in urine through strips.

  • How much protein should a normal person have. Person do daily workout.

    I am not Considering me a diabetic because i am feeling more energetic than before .

    Yes if you tell me a diabetic because i do not have privilege to have sweet then its good for me as i know the pros and cons of sweet.

    Although i am restricting carbs as much as possible.

  • Doing weights and building muscles, you can push to even 1.25 gm/kg of body weight and watch sugar levels.

    LCHF diet drives energy levels up once body is adapted. Ketogenic diet they say drives it further up.

  • Mr. Anup ,

    What kind of milk should i include in LCHD diet. ?

    I use toned milk these days.

    Is Soya chunks are also part of LCHF diet ? .

  • Stated many times -- FULL FAT.

    Prefer Strained Curd to milk.

    Soy I hate as it is a Thyroid suppressor. More so as my wife has thyroid problems, anything Soy (milk, beans, tofu etc) is on "prohibited" list of grocery items.

    Prefer paneer, eggs and nuts for proteins. If on shortfall then add Protein powder. Soy NEVER.

  • Yes I have to gain weight by 2 to 3 Kg minimum although my BMI is in perfect range i.e.22

    I am taking D-Protein these days. My Gym instructor is saying use WHEY protien ?

    Any suggestion to gain weight under LCHF.

  • Increase nuts, eggs consumption.

    More than weight, build muscles :)

  • Why do you mention sedentary life style... or no exercise...As young generation in forum may take it in other way exercising with LCHF is way to be healthy :) :)...You are posting in forum as LCHF icon ...People can cherry pick from your posts or responses :):)obviously You will not like if your son is eating too much junk food and carbs but even if he is not exercising in daily routine, you will scold him:):)

  • @Karch -- Son hardly eats fast food stuff. He has been in and out of gym sessions -- wasted money on memberships :)

    As for me, while I am on Keto diet I am doing light weights. I hate walking for one or two hours a day. Prefer a quick 15 minute strength building exercise. Forced to do on Keto Diet to ensure I am in nutritional ketosis.

    Other than this, normal routine walk for daily chores is sufficient for the time being - around 1.5km a day -- which is sedentary by ADA standards. Once and when sugar readings start to climb up I will walk. So, for the time being preserving for the future :)

  • I want to say 'unbelievable', but tragically touting this nonsense is the reason we are in the worldwide, societal mess we are now!

  • It isn't just Indian doctors.

  • But In other countries like USA and other countries they have not used grains they used non carb itemlike eggs meat and chicken but they also more diabetes .

  • In USA they drink juice with each meal that is loaded with sugar...white bread and junk food is famous in USA. So their diet is loaded with extra carbs and abundant USA people are addicted of juices

    In country like Korea ...meat and sea food is major part of their every meal and people eat very less grains and if grains...only rice... they dont know about wheat :) .Grown ups eat almost zero sugar in everyday diet and moreover they are very hard working...all their drinks contain no sugar and no salt

    My wife went for lunch at her korean friend's house...they had roasted chicken(No beef they know Indians feel offended if they eat beef on same table) ,lot of salad , black coffee and some cake with very light sugar for their lunch ...nothing more than rice bread...they gave my wife lot of salad and one tortilla with cheese sprinkled on that and cake as a vegetarian meal :) :)

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