Virgin Coconut Oil

I read in the forum about VCO in controlling sugar levels. I am taking 3 table spoons of VCO after breakfast and 3 spoons after dinner for the last 10 days. I am taking only 2 phulkas made from Patanjali Navran atta each time as breakfast, lunch and dinner with veg curries mostly. Apart from VCO, I am taking 16 units of Mixtard 30 insulin, 2 tabs of Glucored forte in the morning and 8 units in the evening. Yet, my sugar levels are still high at 140 fasting and 260 post lunch. Can anyone help me in bringing down my sugar levels. Am I taking VCO dosage correctly. Can I have the exact non veg menu of LCHF.

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  • We use VCO as a source of GOOD FAT on LCHF diet.

    6 phulkas a day is surely not LCHF diet.

    Check this interesting case of 108 Kg insulin injecting Type 2 diabetic switching to LCHF and how it has helped in eliminating two expensive oral drugs right in the first week of switching to LCHF:

  • Thank you Anupji. I will cut down phulkas.

  • To be surefooted, start learning carb/fat/protein counting. One time three weeks of dedicated effort is what is needed to make sure you have mental count of how much carbs you are eating. Then you would never need to ask if your diet is proper LCHF :)

    6 TABLESPOON = 90ml. This is too much.

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