Coconut oil

Today just purchased coconut oil....At Pune there are still few places where u can find small oil press installed. They are selling oil ...also offer service that you bring dried coconut and they will extract oil in front of you and give.

I just purchased ready made coconut oil from them..Is this cold pressed???

Is cold pressed is good?

During my visit to Mangalore port 2/3 months ago..i found one very famous food joint near manglore fishing port.(Hotel Narayana)He serves fry Surmai in coconut oil.... very tasty.

Just now frying Surmai and Saundad fish in coconut oil...Don't know if its good or bad....but aroma of coconut oil is so tempting....

@ anupjee...plz guide if it is good or bad....

Hey...whatever.....good or bad...I am going to feat on fish today....ofcoz no carbs...Just let me know for future experiments plz....

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  • As long as no chemical has been used, oil is good.

    VCO is the best Oil under the SUN as 2/3 is MCT which doesn't get processed like LCT.

    Proctor & Gamble spent advertising dollars to demonize Coconut Oil so that they could sell and make HUGE Profits through first man made TRANS FAT -- CRISCO and published a 600 recipe cookbook also. That was on of the first Corporate and Commercial attempt to RUIN human health.

    Men of Science remained silent for decades on this misdemeanor :)

    As long as you are following LCHF, ignore the RANTS against SFA because there's no data to back those rants. They are MERE OPINIONS based on ONE fudged study by Ancel Keys.

  • have too much to say ...seems too talkative :) :)

  • Yes, sometimes to negate LIES one has to do a lot of talking. Dr Peter Attia quoted some great guy on one of his blogs. I can't recall the name and exact words but it goes as follows:

    "They are at a great advantage. They can spread half truth (LIES) with one line but we have to indulge in writing thesis to expose their LIES."

    Out here, it's one against 5 (or maybe more. Lost count) :)

    If i find that page I will post the link. Unfortunately, my old laptop conked off few days back so don't have all the bookmarks on this new laptop. My talks are COHERENT :)

  • Aaah, found it (memory is good on LOW CARB HIGH FAT diet, thnx to VCO) ;)

    Here it goes:

    As Frederic Bastiat once said,

    “We must admit that our opponents in this argument have a marked advantage over us. They need only a few words to set forth a half-truth; whereas, in order to show that it is a half-truth, we have to resort to long and arid dissertations.”


    This one is on the same ol' SFA & Cholesterol LIES :)

  • Well said :)

  • Frederic Bastiat is right about lies spread with little effort. They try to maintain status quo. Vested interests. We have to experiment and convince our-self. System isn't going to do. Too corrupt.

  • use google chrome ...there is a bookmark manager in which you can export bookmarks to a html file then save in google docs...and when needed just import the same html file from google chrome bookmark manager...bookmarks wont get lost

    I wish someone could provides option of exporting bookmarks to emails...available everywhere

  • My mind still works better at remembering lots and lots of things that I have read over last 5 years. See ho quickly I could retrieve the info on that quote ;)

    I don't normally use any free email service :D :D

  • Anupji,

    is ground-nut oil is ok?not refined but only filtered gujarat we use GN oil from decade in recipes.

  • For me, oil with highest MCT is best. This is where VCO wins hands down as roughly 2/3 is MCT.  MCT cannot be stored and has to be disposed off as energy.

    Cold pressed ground nut oil is fine, but no where near VCO for reason noted above.

  • Since VCO is costly....also no reliable source....What if consume coconut meat instead of VCO....which will give fiber plus other vitamins 

  • There's nothing more costly than losing a limb, being put on regular dialysis, having STENTS placed, losing an eye, premature ED etc etc. I don't look at cost in isolation. If I can save 500 bucks on insulin or oral pills by adding VCO worth 600 bucks, I opt for the latter.

    As an additional example -- I have skipped annual tests for 2 years as a result of very tight sugar control. That itself saved me rs 200/month. I will go for annual tests in September 2016 -- ie after 3 years. So, if anything "apparently" expensive saves me from running to doctor every second month and doing tests every six months, it's CHEAP in the long run :)

    Well fiber+vitamins is a different topic. Here it's about OILS. 

    That said, Coconut in any form -- Eat it -- reject the water though as a diabetic.  :)

  • Being able to avoid a dose of 20 mg statin drug once a day (~Rs 500/month) dose will cover the cost of 1000 ml VCO from rubco

    Many who switched to LCHF diet have gone off STATINS too. Not even considering the expensive pills like Januvia and Invokana (Rs 40 to Rs 50/day for each of them)