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Food Intolerance and ITP Study Update

As many followers will remember the ITP Support Association has funded a research project being conducted by Addenbrookes Hospital Cambridge into food intolerance and ITP. Professor Hunter who is running the research has made available a special one day only testing day on April 18th in Birmingham as he is aware that many people find it difficult to travel to Cambridge for testing. Anyone interested in taking part in the Birmingham testing day on 18th April or for that matter at Addenbrokes Cambridge on any other day but the 18th April, please email for details.

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In addition Professor Hunter has said that for any patients from the Birmingham test day on the 18th April who do test positive, as long as their GP or specialist would be prepared to do the weekly platelet counts and report back to us, there would be no need to go to Addenbrookes. They could talk to Jenny Woolner (dietitian) part of the research team, via email or phone. Hopefully this might save people travelling time and extra expense too.


Just to be clear, do you mean that people who test positive at Addenbrookes have to travel there weekly for blood tests?


Will confirm about arrangements at Addenbrookes and report back to you asap.


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