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Life with ITP with no steroids


I was diagnosed with ITP in 2012 and never took steroids medication, ever. First of all as working physical therapist I can’t accept all the side effects. I am exposed to patients in hospitals and/or outpatient clinics and need my immune system to protect me some how. Have 8 rounds of Rituximab with no effects when it comes to ITP but got sick and had to be on short disability due to immune system being suppressed Rituximab treatments. My platelets are between 11000 to about 38000 on good days, dealing with fatigue and using IVIG with good effects, was able to never take steroids medication up to date and hoping to stay that way!

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I also am not taking steroids unless I have to for surgeries. I was on a very strong steroid prior to dental surgery and had dreadful side effects. Right now battling a cold. Probably means I can no longer go to aquacizes in the winter.

It's important to stress that stereoids are pretty much only dangerous when taken long term. This usually refers to months, or even years and there are still people who have to take stereoids regularly such as for asthma. I took various doses of steroids a couple time and side effects usually ranged from none to mild / noticeable. However, the benefits can sometimes outweigh the negatives, especially if it only means a couple days. The fact that it reduces your immune response I think is also somewhat overblown; in so far I can't really tell the difference and I can't tell I was ever ill due to steroid taking (let's say 20mg/day). Of course, it is everyone's personal decision and I do agree that stuff like NPlate and Revolade/Promacta seem like a much better solution, especially since steroids often times lose effect.

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