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Hi . I developed Itp 5.5 month ago. I know I have it after a stressful episode of my life 😐

Now , during this time I've been reading articles about Itp. They suggest to wait e years before doing splenectomy. Personally , I know a woman in my relatives who had it during pregnancy and took 2 years of steroids to reach 70k off treatment .

I've tried rituxrituximab that didn't work for me . Now starting nplate. That have me 121k (I've also taken 25mg steroids during this time)

My first question is does mode of treatment, steroids or nplate , effect the chance of getting better in this disease ?

My second question is that if there's going to be an improvement that is meaningful, how is that ? I've been on 8k for a month and around 10k for rest of the time , but I've been around 20k and also had 31k too . Does this have a meaning ?

Personally, 10k is enough for me off treatment ☺

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When they suggested splenectomy many, many years ago, I didn’t like the fact that every year for the ten years of follow ups people would have their ITP return & the initial success rate was not great. So I decided that as I had relatively mild symptoms I would not have the splenectomy.

Do some research, what are success rates now for this procedure? Etc

I’ve lived okay for twenty years with between 15 & 30 platelets per unit, with no treatment or intervention. They did try steroids but they didn’t help my blood count, so we agreed to do no treatment and I’ve been okay.

15-30k is so great ! I've been living with 8k for two month while also taking 25mg prednisolone . even 8k is enough for me . but OFF TREATMENT :(((

15-30 is my average. My lowest was 7, they still didn’t treat, and I was happy with that.

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