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ITP diagnosed in Pregnancy


Somewhere in depression looking at my wife in this situation what we have never imagined at this stage of life at least but looking at you guys I feel a support.

She has been diagnosed with ITP. Before pregnancy she was holding a count of 120 & was fit & fine. During her pregnancy in the first trimester she fell down to 85000 where our gynecologist suggested this to be a normal count. Second trimester she fell down to 24000 & within a day 14000 where she was given IVIG Treatment. Few days later again 8000 again IVIG & Prednisone 70Mg. Doctors have told for a weekly visit now, not sure If she would be able to cope up well with this.

Also If this looks like It's going to be stable after pregnancy? at-least above 50,000? She is 5 months pregnant & would this medicine effect our baby?

Thinking of this gives me a constant fear. I understand what you all must be going through where you even cant help yourself but Yes looking at your positive mindset gives me a confidence of staying upright & to take best care of my wife.

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ITP is very distressing but this site is very good if you feel bad it helps to keep you positive I can’t help with advise on pregnancy with ITP as I was 57 when I found out I had it but I’m sure others on here can tell you how they got through it. Just try to keep her as stress free as possible. But just know I am thinking of you and your wife and hopefully when she has the baby her counts will go up again

Thank you so much for your words Lynwoodley, It means a lot. I have heard about wheat grass & it;s benefits so I have started that early in the morning first for her & lots lots of green vegetable therefore hoping for a good count next week. lets pray!

I began to have issues with my platelets in pregnancy. They fluctuated and needed no treatment, but when it came time to deliver my baby they had plummeted. I ended up having a c-section and I was put all the way under on anesthesia to reduce the risk of heavy bleeding and complications with a spinal block.

I began seeing a hemotologist post partum and he suspected while my body was making antibodies to protect the baby, somewhere along the line something misfired and created an antibody to my platelets. He said sometimes the ITP resolves itself and is never again an issue, sometimes it becomes chronic. Mine has become chronic.

The biggest issue regarding low platelets in pregnancy is delivery. The ITP shouldn't affect your wife or baby too negatively. Please be careful with treatment during pregnancy though, do research and make sure you know how each treatment might affect your wife and baby. I would say it's likely they will suggest a c-section while your wife is completely asleep as they can control the situation and prevent hemorrhage during a vaginal delivery!

ITP can be a scar diagnoses, but it's something you can easily live with and it's not something that needs to hold you back much if it continues.

My best to you and congratulations!

So true, they have a focus on C-Section only to avoid any sought of blood loss during the operation. Although NOW it all depend how she will react with IVIG & Predisole 70mg, Hemo for now want to see a stable count for her, at-least 30000 onward.

Yes RSwing29, I am keeping a close watch, for now she is on predisole 70mg & I am giving her lots of green vegetable & try to eliminate wheat flour from her diet. Wheat grass is what I have just started.

btw what was your count during pregnancy?

I started out with normal counts, above 150. Around 26 weeks pregnant, I had routine blood work done and I was down to 90. At this point, they just monitored my numbers as 90 isn't terribly low. Around 32 weeks pregnant, I was back up in the normal range. I was tested prior to delivery and they had dropped to 60. I had to have a C-section for other reasons, but they suggested full anesthesia at this point for my safety. Since having the baby, my counts have dropped a couple of times to as low as 17, but I tend to stay around 80.

Hi Rswing29, Is you count after pregnacy same as you were having before pregnacy? Or It only triggred during pregnacy and now continued?

I got ITP when I was pregnant. I'm still here and functioning almost 23 years later without meds, and I haven't had a count in excess of 50k for some time. I used to teach secondary school, which entailed 60 hour weeks.

Don't get hung up on the numbers. I can feel fine with a count of 19k and lousy when it's 38k. Lower than 10k, and the docs treat.

You need to start asking about when the baby is born. Mine had a low platelet count and was in NICU being given infusions. It took about three months til his count came up.

Nice to hear that! I am little nervous to see a better results of steroids on her body? I am hoping for a stable count for at-least till delivery because seeing at her in this situation gives me cry.

Just a question, she was holding a good count of 1200000 before pregnancy but than after getting pregnant what might be the reason of dropping it to down to 8000?

Also I hope Steroids don't affect the baby in any case?

What RSwing said, the antibodies created whilst pregnant misfire and attack the platelets. It's called idiopathic because nobody really knows why it is triggered. It's nothing that your wife will have done to cause it; it just happens.

My Haematologist told me one of his patients had had a normal delivery with a count of 1k.

Thank you!

Your reply gave me a lot confidence & to stay positive during the tenure. I hoping for a lovely looking child soon into our life now!

I had a normal delivery. The obstetrician wanted to do a C section; the Haematologist said a normal delivery was fine, so that's what I had.

As with RSWING para 2, I was given the same explanation whilst pregnant, as to why my count had dropped. Mine became chronic as well.

If that is what has happened with your wife, eliminating wheat flour won't do anything. It will only resolve itself, or not, on delivery.

Well, It is a challenge for sure!!! My daughters friend has ITP and her's went down to 6,000 during her two pregnancy. Her boys are healthy and beautiful. I can't promise you it will be ok but there are women who have babies with ITP. I will pray for you and your family.

nitindhureja in reply to Doris61

Thanks Doris61 for your kind words, I hoping this to be stable once delivered.

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