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Internal bleeding in brain due to itp


Hi everyone,

This is let out my sadness, my wife 35 yrs old.was diagnosed with Itp 10 years back spleenotomy done any 7 yrs back, we have tried all know treatments and the count has been fluctuating between 4 and 60. 2 days ago she suffered internal bleeding on her right brain and now post surgery she is still critical. The Nuro docs are a bit positive but her counts have not gone up. It's at 4. The hematologist is not very positive. She was given Ivig , 2 doses of a new drug name nova seven, and multiple platelet transfusions. I am seeking for any advice or hope. Thanks

I live in Bangalore India

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Plz pray to God Jesus Christ ....

Our son also suffered with itp for many medical tests done,... Ivig also done..... But no result.....

We all praise Jesus for heal....

Jesus Christ healed my son.. Yes it's true.... Be faith on Jesus.... Plz pray to God Jesus and ask him for healing, he definitely hear your prayer....

Plz pray to Jesus.....


Thank you your kind words mean a lot to me

Sorry to hear about your wife,

2 years ago I was hospitalised with a platelet count of 2. My doctor started my treatment with steroids but that did not help. He then gave me Revolade, Eltrombopag, and within 1 to 2 weeks my platelet count was 75. I have been on Revolade, Eltrombopag about 18 months now and my count has always been in the 75 to 125 range. I lead a very active life not affected in any way by my condition and have no side effects from the one tablet a day that I take.

I think the problem with ITP is that every treatment does not suit every person, forget about prayer and superstition and trust in a good doctor to find a suitable treatment for your wife.

Thank you I will consult with the Hemo doc on why these are not been given.. Thanks again

How much dose of revolde

..r u taking? Thanksu

Personally I am on one 50mg tablet per day however anyone else needs to get their doctor to advise what the appropriate safe dose is for them. It's important that anyone taking these drugs are monitored by their doctor. This drug in certain people could cause your platelet count to go too high and a high count can be just as dangerous as a low one.

Have you tried Revolade? I hear it's available in India? Good luck.

arjunmech in reply to Ubud

No haven't yet still

akhurram in reply to Ubud

this one is very costly almost $25 / tablet


I am so sorry to hear about your wife. I wish I had some useful advice for you, but all I can offer is sympathy. I join my hopes to yours.


arjunmech in reply to SoporRose

Thank you dear Ruth

First of all I'm sorry to hear this.

Don't loose hope have faith.

Which doctor or hospital ur consulting coz even I stay in bangalore.As Ubud stated above Revolade is available in bangalore.

arjunmech in reply to hifi

Dear hifi the hospital is Sakra world hospital and doc is Dr Vineet Guptha,

I am so sorry to hear this. My thoughts are with you. I wish I had some suggestions to help you.

Hi Arjunmech, I am sorry to read of your wife's bleed on the brain. This is not common but can happen to those with ITP. I see one response has suggested Revolade also known as eltrombopag manufactured by Novartis. It is expensive but has had some very good results.

The ITP Support Association has a very good contact in West Bengal and is their contact in India. If you contact them through this website, I am sure they will provide you with contact details.

Good luck and we all hope your wife improves.

arjunmech in reply to sailor

Thank you dear sailor

Again, have you tried Revolade, it was the only drug that worked for me.

Good luck and best wishes to your wife.

arjunmech in reply to JasonJ

No haven't tried it. Thank you dear JasonJ

Sending best wishes for your wife and for you too!

We will keep you and your wife in our thoughts and prayers. I wish I had the magical answer for you.

Holding you fiercely in the light. Please keep us posted.

Your kindness means a lot to me thank you

Hi, Sorry to hear this. Hope she recover soon. May I know which hospital she is in? I am also from Bangalore and tried all big hospitals in Bangalore. I felt the doctor 'Cecil Ross' who work for St' Johns hospital is best and he is most experienced Hematologist. Because of him i could retain my Spleen still and managing somehow with 'Revolade Elthrombopag' tablets. It's very difficult to get appointment but critical conditions like your wife's they will really consider. Please try.

arjunmech in reply to ITPAffecty

Dr Ross had initially diagnosed the ITP in her as you know due to appointments and distance we started consulting Naryana Health and CMC vellor(alternatively) . Revolted is running in my mind will let the current doc know. Thank you

I was in the same boat only last Nov 2015. I was dicovered with having an ITP in the same date/month and instance when i felt dizziness and noticed some red patches/marks in my skin. Found put my platelet is only 2k and per test (MRI/CT scan), they found that i had a bloodclot in my right brain. IVIG, and other meds were given to me and after 2months, i was discharged (after minor operation dye ti bloodclotting on some arteries in both legs. Wy i am telling this? To give you strength all is well in God's mercy. I am still in my meds (eltrombopag, warfarin, plavix and rosevustatin) and my platelet is still on range of 10k to 30k only BUT i am fine and having positive outlook in life that in one day - i will be healed.. 😎. God bless and heal your wife. Be her strength!!

arjunmech in reply to Alex_MC

Thank you dear Alex and I am happy that you have recovered, your words has given me hope and strength..

Sorry to hear about your wife i hope she is well soon. I have only just found this site as I have just been told I have low platelets between 33-44 at moment and so don't really know anything about it yet. But comments on here seem very good.

I am very sorry about your wife and wonder if Nplate injections would help and/or Promacta pill to increase her platelets. I wish you and your wife better health and hopes for recovery.

arjunmech in reply to tip-3

Thank you they have started Rituximab now your wishes mean a lot to us

I hope your wife has recovered by now. There is a medicine Dapson which works in case of some patients. It is not a medicine for ITP but it's side effect is that it increases the generation of platelets and the success rate is about 60%. You may want to check with the hematologist. It is very economical in cost as well.

My wife has started it since last 3 months and the results are encouraging.

My wife passed away peacefully after fighting for a month. I wish and pray that no one goes through what we have been and thank you for all the wishes and support.

M_Umar in reply to arjunmech

Really sad to hear about your wife...

sreema in reply to arjunmech

Really Sad to here about ur Wife,Please keep patience.My prayers are always with you.

khair in reply to arjunmech

May her soul rest in peace. But need to know why surgery was performed.

I am so sorry to hear about your wife my thoughts are with you at this very sad time

all our thoughts are with you xxxx

How is your wife doing now?

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