Uncle with ITP

Hello. Good morning. My uncle,46, was first diagnose of Dengue fever last week with platelet count of 4,we did blood transfusiib last Saturady,5 bags. His platelet count as of today is down to 2. That is when the Dr.said he has ITP. He needs blood transfusion again,3 bags. This is new to our family. Is it deadly? What to expect? Is it hereditary? Our blood type is AB+. Thank you

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  • reduction in count doeasnot mean he has itp. dengue is also subject to reducing platlets. give him dose of papaya. its a fruit and has no side effect. even i am an itp and m using and it is effective. for dengue it is more effective

  • Thank you.

  • Hi,it's not deadly.I was diagnosed with ITP with platelets of 5 & transfused with 2 bags of blood & 2 bags of platelets in October 2017.It's also new to my family as well.I'm on prednisone since then & it's a roller coaster but I'm alive that's all that matters.So your uncle should be fine soon,the Dr will do their best,it's just that each case is unique.

  • Thank you. God bless.

  • It is not deadly and if severe enough is managed by medication. I have had it 15 years and it has made little impact on my life. It is usually diagnosed with a bone marrow sample.

  • Thanks.

  • Yes start giving papaya leaf extract.. now we will get in tablet form too. Soon it should increase platelets if it's not ITP.

  • His platelet count as of today is down to 1.

  • Please check out these websites for excellent information about ITP. In the U.K. See itpsupport.org.uk/

    In the US see pdsa.org

  • Thank you.

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