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I am 59 year old male.  Diagonised with ITP recently.  My present count is 52000.  I am diabetic, heart patient (taking Aspirin & Atorvastatin) and also do have BP.  I am asked to take Prednisole 50 mg.  Since I have risk factors, I have not started steroid yet.  I am going to try homeopathy.  Is there anyone who tried homeo



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52 is not a bad count.  If I had that count, I would not do any treatment until I dropped much lower.  I've done, Pred, IVIGS, Rituxan, & am in the 30s now.  I don't plan on doing any more treatments unless I get into the single digits again.  Good luck.

skpmoh in reply to tgk62

Thank you for your reply.  Since I am new in this I need comments/suggestions like this.  Presently I am thinking to pull on and see the status.  Some people say it could be transient and I wish it is.  

I am not a doctor, I am guiding you only on the behalf ov my experience or knowledge.

52 count is good, in my opinion don't take any medicines or any treatment until you are non bleeder.

I will suggest you try vit. C  tab 1000 mg each day and Aloe Vera juice.

technogeek in reply to M_Umar

Of course the 52 count was due to steroid treatment.  My numbers yo yo between 150 and 2  and Rituxan was started after Feb noticing my count went down from 300 to 20 in a period of two months after taking a four day pulse of 40mg dexadron for four consecutive days.   My Rituxan treatment was every monday for four consecutive weeks along with another four day pulse of dexadron.   During the first week of Rituxan with decadron my platelet count went up from 174 to 236.   The second Rituxan treatment week it went down to 213.  The third Rituxan treatment week it went down to 156 and after the fourth Rituxan treatment week it wend down to 134.  I am told Rituxan takes up to 7 weeks to take effect so I am hoping these numbers begin to rise in the future.   My biggest need for this is so I don't need steroids for a very long time.   I am a diabetic and steroids do terrible things to me.

skpmoh in reply to M_Umar

Thank you for your kind reply.  Please keep in touch and exchange views

ravi681523 in reply to skpmoh

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I am with the previous posts at that number if you are not symptomatic I would not be treating either especially with the added complications of diabeties and having to take asprin as well.52,000 is a realy good number but we only ever treated on sytoms not numbers anyway This is just my opinon.( have had itp for nealry 20 years and surgeyr and 5 different types of treatments during this time I do not treat unless bleeding and under 5000)but this is a very individual disease. I Have seen a traditional chinese herbalist for years for various issues during my time with itp I would suggest if you choose to go down this path then you find somebody who is very familiar with itp

palash199 in reply to Hidden

Hi madam you eat everything. You eat meat, fish. You have any special diet for your itp.

Hidden in reply to palash199

NO special diet I eat and drink everything. I just don't take asprin or iboprofin.

palash199 in reply to Hidden

HiHi madam thanks, you have any medication this time. Ritunexa used this much count up & down 20 year itp.

I also have itp, I develop a kneecap arthritis from prednisone. I eventually refused to take any Medication when I almost lost my legs. Changed my doctors & found one that  is willing to find ways to manage my itp. I'm doing well, taking doxepin (the lowest mg I can get) on a need basis since according to doc, stress triggers our auto immune. just be careful for signs of suicidal thoughts. this time, I'm developing low iron, vit d deficiency, etc with itp. As doctor suggested, I'm managing these by eating natural foods (avoid blood thinner foods/medicines but eat a lot of really green leafy vegetables equal vit k to help with the clotting), early morning sunrise & the most that help is the vitamin b12 injection shots I get twice or three times a month. I noticed that the b-12 somehow help with the pain from arthritis & provided a boost of energy. it also maintained my itp above 50 k. I just ordered the b12 patch from a company vita science to try this week. the review looks great & many described that it appears to work similar to the injection shots. not a lot recommended the tablets or capsule so don't try it. Hope this helps.

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