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Weight loss post steroids

I had a 6 heavy, short pulses of Dexamethazone (decadron) steroids in combo with 4 weeks of Rituxan. My steroids were 4 days of 40mg each, then off. This is not possible with Prednisone, but is with Decadron.

The side effects have released their grip over the past 6 weeks I have been off everything... except for the weight loss. I can't seem to drop a pound. Diet and exercise don't' seem to be helping at all. And I am a vegan and keep gluten out of my diet... so I know all about healthy eating and exercise.

I have pretty much resigned myself to the fact this is sticking around a while, but does anyone have any idea about how long?

My previous experience with ITP as a child was with prednisone and as I tapered off there, the weight left. I was expecting the same thing this time, but to no avail. I am uncomfortable with this extra 20 pounds on my frame (I have very severe scoliosis and am only 5 foot tall) and if this is just one more thing I need to deal with, I am just curious if anyone knows how long.

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Hi, when i was on high steroids i put on four and a half stone. I did not try to lose any weight for about six months after stopping the steroids. It took a while to get rid of it - around two and a half years. Dont despair it will come off. Nicky


I had similar dexamethazone pulse. - just one though and it was enough to cause weight gain. I think it took me around 2-3 month to start losing weight but then when it started it went very quickly. I had similar thing with prednisolone


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