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low platelets after a cold and prednisone question

Hello, last Nov. I was put on prednisone (60mg)for low platelets, the hematologist believes it was due to ITP. i finished my last dose Jan 3. About a month after being off i noticed achy wrists and hips and that my hair was breaking off or falling out. The hair loss has continued and I am wondering when it will stop. Bloodwork showed levels in Jan 174,000, then Feb 170,000 and last week they dipped to 90,000. I recently had a cold the week before the last blood work. My questions are ...Is it common for platelets to drop after a cold? Is there anything diet wise or vitamins that will help increase the levels? Lastly about the hair loss Has anyone had hair loss or breakage /joint pain AFTER being off prednisone...if so how long did it last? I have been off prednisone for 3 months and i had hoped things would be returning to normal by now. With the last blood work showing such a decrease in platelets I am kind of freaking out..hoping it was just due to having a cold the week before.

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Mine definitely drop if I have a cold, even slight. My doctor said this is common.

I have also had joint pain after coming of prednisolone, lasted a month or so, I woke up every morning with an incredibly stiff and painful elbow and one of my fingers ached!

Pretty certain I lost more hair, although it could be natural, it just doesn't seem to grow longer either.

Good luck with your platelet count :)


It is reassuring to hear my numbers decreasing may be due to the cold I had. Hoping they start going back up as I really don't want to go back on prednisone again.


I am off steroid 3 months had joint pain for 2 months still facing hair loss but its decreasing now somewhat..but I m still facing insomia. .R u still facing same..


I have been off prednisone for 3 months. A few weeks after my last dose i had very stiff painful hip joints. That lasted about 2-3 weeks but shortly after that my wrists and some fingers became sore. Around that same time i started noticing i was losing more hair than usual. The hair loss/breakage has continued for the last 1 1/2 months.I have fairly long hair so it is really freaking me out. Hoping it stops soon. Nothing I am trying seems to be making a difference. I did have insomnia while on the prednisone but not after getting off it.


My platelets plummeted each time I had a cold, since I had a course of Rituximab no more platelet problems (yet) but catch every cold and infection possible, fighting recurring UTIs at the moment which isnt much fun so plan to speak to my consultant when I next see him to find out if its usual to have such a very low immune system


update- platelets went down again last wed. to 48,000 and going for blood work today. Looks like I might have to go on prednisone again :( Feeling pretty awful about dealing with the awful side effects again. I've barely recovered from the first go round with it. Does this mean every time I get a cold this is going to happen and i will be on prednisone???


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