has anyone tried papaya leaf??

im here lying in a hospital bed with a count of 4 hooked up to ivig and after being put back on predisolone 75 mg yet again. i have been looking up alternative therapies. came across info on papaya leaf - i know i take alot on the internet with a pinch of salt but there seems to be alot of info on papaya leaf and its positive effect on itp. has anyone used it?

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  • Yes, I have tried it. The extract liquid and the teas. I did get caught into the potential that it might help. While it did not work for me using for about 2 months I am still a strong believer that the cure for ITP lies with the right food or combinations of foods or natural remedies. Finding that combination is the issue. I have read a lot on the "potential" causes of ITP and it seems to be more environmental than anything else. Something we are exposed to or have eaten that triggered ITP or our bodies to destroy our blood cells. The reversal is eliminating what ever that is that we have exposed ourselves to and easting the right combinations. The answer varies with all of us. Like a combination lock not know the combination to open. I would say try it, you have nothing to loose, but do not be discouraged if it does not. It seems to work for some and may even work for me IF I knew what else to combine with Papaya. I have also heard that a gluten free diet can work as well. Have not tried as that is a difficult one to do. I do also believe avoiding all of the processed foods as possible as the chemicals in those processed foods can be part of the issue. At worse you may be more healthy and strong to fight this crappy ITP. Good luck and hope the IVIG helps. I have found unfortunately over the past 2 years that prednisone is my friend and being on it helps but I have the difficulty of side effects and withdrawals going off. Keep fighting, it is worth it!

  • very true kjkoemer.

    itp is a complex disease and still the researchers are trying to find out the cause.

    There could not be one single causative process, hence the cure also would not be simple one single drug like a steroid or methotrexate or xolair or dapsone, nor there would be a single surgical cure like the removal of the spleen.

    The answer could be immune modulation and not suppression.

  • My 15 year old son was diagnosed in Dec. He has been on papaya for 6 weeks. When he started he was falling about 15k per week. After the first week he went up 20k so I was a bit excited. Since then he has really not moved. He has been in the mid 60s for 6 weeks with the papya. So I am not sure if it helped. If you go on amazon there are a lot of good reviews, but I would be curious to see if people feel the same. We are still taking it but about half the amount and counts have remained steady. I think kjkoerner is exactly right! Good luck!

  • I tried Papaya leaf and found it expensive and ineffectual. NickyD

  • Sadly Papaya leaf, like all alternative medicines is unlikely to work and they may actually do more harm than good so be very careful what you take. ALWAYS discuss anything that you are thinking of taking with your doctor/specialist before you take it. Any increase in platelet count due to taking Papaya leaf will likely as not be complete coincidence and nothing to do with the actual Papaya leaf. I am sounding negative but the bottom line is that the leading experts in ITP would have already suggested it if Papaya Leaf were any use. I certainly agree however that a balanced, healthy diet with plenty of fresh fruit and veg and mimimal processed foods will help albeit not cure ITP. Things to avoid however are Ginseng, Quinine (products that contain Quinine include Tonic Water, Bitter Lemon drinks), Aspirin, Ibuprofen.

  • I've read about papaya extract but never tried it. I've also read about Tawa Tawa leaves. It is used in Philipines to treat Dengue feaver (a blood disorder which affects clotting carried by insect) there'd a lot to be said about native remedies. I wish NICE would look favourably at these products.

  • Lynneck, you mentioned of tawa tawa being used in the Philippines. I wonder if you are a Filipino. Wonder too if you have ITP or at least know of somebody having it.

  • I live in UK and have had ITP for a few years now. I have read as much as I can about the disorder and found similarities to Dengu Fever. Sometimes local remedies are overlooked by the medical profession but I think everything should be considered if it can help. I'm not encouraging non tested remedies, just telling people what I have read. ITP is a nuisance disorder but very little treatment that's affordable.

  • Hi pls pls contact me regarding itp. Dskyxoxo@live.com my daughter is recently diapnosed & we have questions we'd like to ask another person with itp. Please, we would appreciate it. My daughter is philipina & we're from San francisco. Thank you very much.

  • I agree with Anthony that it doesn't work. I don't agree that avoiding quinine is necessary at all. It is a very special type of thrombocytopenia that is triggered by quinine and nothing to do with ITP proper.

    I believe that science has shown that our problem is one of defective B or T cells or some other part of the cell making process and before long drugs will be made that will correct it easily.

  • I am a 59 year old male from the Philippines and I was diagnosed having ITP on December 20, 2013 when my platelet dropped to a very low level of 3 counts vs normal level of at least 150. By then, I have patches of hematomas inside my mouth lining, plus a blister of blood in my inner lips and bruises in my inner knees. Add to these are pin-like red spots in my lower extremities. Initial impression was dengue, but of course my team of doctors later narrowed it to ITP.

    I was outright given a shot of steroid meanwhile availability of my AB+ blood plasma is being sourced out. Before the night was over, a 5-unit concentrated platelet was transfused in me. With the steroid and the blood plasma, my platelet was only elevated by one count higher (from 3 to 4 counts). And from 4, this later rose to 6, through continued steroid (Prednisone). And with this very slow progress, I was then subjected to a four-day IVIG drip at a dose of 2mg per kg body weight (or, 160mg/day for my 80kg body). Meanwhile, daily dosage of Prednisone also continues.

    The IVIG has dramatically elevated my platelet back to normal level during the 4-day drip process. From my platelet of 6 counts, this was raised significantly to 29 after my Day 1 of IVIG. And this was followed by a platelet count of 80 on Day 2; 146 on Day 3; and finally 240 on Day 4. This was the best Christmas gift for me. I was home from the hospital before Christmas Day was over. Yes, we spent the Christmas Eve as a family in my hospital room, and this rising platelet count brightened up further the mood of the Season.

    I was on the weaning down process of Prednisone after my hospital confinement, and before my first follow-up routine on January 2, 2014 with my hematologist, my platelet rose to a high of 315. I was in Cloud Nine during this period. I was confident that I was heading to a complete cure of ITP. From a 70mg daily dosage, I was lowered to 60mg thereon, and a 10mg drop every 2-weeks, thereafter.

    However, this high feeling in me suddenly collapsed like a bubble when on my 2nd routine check-up on January 16, resulted to sudden dive from 315 platelet counts to 179. This is still within normal range, but I fear that the trend may continue and may result again to another depleted platelet level of less than 5 counts. This is where papaya leaf extract came into the picture. I was urged by friends and family to try this, as this is a popular known local remedy for dengue. And the result is accordingly always on the high, just like the other popular local herb, Tawa-Tawa. And I did it through young sprouted leaves from papaya tree, blended them and ingesting all the extracts. I tell you, no one will ever like the taste!

    With the papaya leaf extract, my platelet rose to 240 on Jan 29, and although quite lower (but still above 200) at 204 on Feb 10. I only took the papaya leaf extracts a day or two prior to my CBC blood draws. In between, I shied away from animal proteins as suggested by my readings on this "leaky-gut" thing. I informed my hematologist of my Papaya leaf extract therapy when I had my routine checkup with him yesterday; he has no violent reaction to this, although he took note of it in my case file. He is a non-believer of probiotics and their likes, as he claimed.

    Should I say, does papaya leaf extract work for ITP? In my case, I can say YES, but of course, my case may not be exactly the same with yours, trinag or with the others.

    God bless!

  • Please contact me. Thanks! Dskyxoxo@live.com

  • Hi skyoki,

    Three years have passed and I'm still with my normal platelet counts. If you read thru all these exchange of views here, not everyone has success stories on papaya leaf extract. I have observed, however, that those who made it thru papaya leaf extract are those living in the Tropics region. I first read of it through one Mexican guy and he was so ecstatic sharing his story with everyone interested. I also have read similar success stories from those in India, Malaysia, and Indonesia, where I guess papaya tree s are abundant. I can say those that took the extract directly from the freshly harvested young leaves of the tree got successful. I can't say for those ordered thru the mail.

    Anyway, another thing that probably could have helped, which I strongly feel has great influence is the regimen on my diet that focus more on greens vegetables and the like. I got across one Korean doctor in Canada advocating alternative and natural remedy in reversing autoimmune disorder, where ITP is classified. I emailed him and followed his advice. I shied away from eating animal proteins for a period of six months and I could say, I got the results that I wanted. Currently I am taking his Greens instead of papaya leaf extract. This is less obtrusive and can be taken by pills or powder form. The powder easily blends with any juice / fruit extract. If interested, and I strongly urged you to, I 'm sharing this reading: drbenkim.com/autoimmune-ill...

    Btw, you mentioned your daughter is a Filipina. Either you or your spouse being from the Philippines too, I'm sure you also have heard of Tawa-Tawa. Try doing Google on this. This is one more popular herb that helps elevate platelet counts.

    Good luck to your daughter and God bless.


  • Thanks for the update. A close relative has been hospitalized with platelet count of 4. Will see how he respond to the treatments. No idea what triggered his condition.

  • He was placed on steriods yesterday and his platelet count improved to 11. We continued to give him the fresh papaya leaf extract.

    Today his platelet count improved to 33. He may be discharged tomorrow if they can control his glucose which has risen to 14-19 mmol due to the steriods.

  • Tha't good news, kokhongw.  Good luck to him!  Wish your relative will regain back his normal platelet count soon.  Encourage him to go more greens, though.

  • Thx bjcavite! Today he was readmitted to the hospital for other issues, after having been discharge 2 days ago. 

    Difficulty in breathing and they ran another blood test. The platelets count has risen to 229! They found the reading astounding and is running another test to verify it. 

    The real test will be when he stops taking the 55mg Prednisone.

  • Glad to know that, kokhongw. Hope things will get easy for him from hereon. As to Prednisone, I started at 75mg and it was a long process to slowly wean it down to zero. Although I did not respond to it, my hema doc was also careful and it took me about 6 months to complete it. It was good too that I didn't get the moon face effect. My fbs though was affected. 

    Anyway, continue with papaya leaf extract if that helps him regained back his normal platelet count. I suggest though that he will also wean it down once his counts get stable.

    Good luck and God bless!

  • My one year old daughter was diagnosed with ITP and low white blood cells count (4) after immunisations. I didn't like the idea of the steroids and went all herbal instead. Oily fish, green leafy veggies and soya (all organic) - and very important Papaya Leaf Extract - 5ml 5 times a day as well as fresh papaya as a smoothy. Our blood cells rocketed within 3 weeks! I continued for a year - never had to go back to hospital. She is now turning 5 years old and very healthy.

  • Hello Cylalala..

    My 3 year old son has been diagnosed with ITP. Just wanted to check -which papaya leaf extract did you use...did you buy it on amazon or elsewhere...Please do suggest. Thank you.

  • Hi was wondering how your daughter is doing now and what site did you buy the papaya leaf from as there are so many.

    Thank you


  • In my case I used freshly picked papaya leaves, specifically the young sprouted ones. About 4 to 6 pieces of it. After a thorough wash, I cut them in manageable sizes, placed them a blender with about a glass of water. Have the extract and the blended mass squeezed though a clean cheesecloth. The extract is all green. I gulp down about 1/4 of the glass. Sorry to mention that it tastes so bad, but got no choice about it. The rest is kept inside the refrigerator (not in chiller or freezer) and consumed it in a week time. Usually about 3 - 4 times a week.

  • Since I do not have access to fresh papaya leaf, where is the best place to buy organic leaves, and how do you use the tea? How much of the leaf per cup? tablespoons, teaspoons of the leaves, etc. Know nothing about papaya leaves. My platelets are low.

  • Etsy has some herbal extracts preserved in Alcohol. I'd start with those. Dosage is harder to quantify. But a mid mature leaf (30cm at its widest point, very young or old leafs are not so effective) will give around a teaspoon of extract if you run the leaf through a good wheatgrass juicer. If you were treating dengue then you'd have this much two of three times a day. If you take too much there is no real danger. You just might have an upset stomach at worst.

  • hi , I was in hospital with a count of 5 .After a plasma transfusion they went up to 59.I was put on eltrompobag 75 ml but my count slowly dropped wavering between 13/17 & up to 38/43.I had a bone marrow test which showed I have lgl leukemia as well as itp.Last year my count stayed low.I contracted mrsa had constant infections ,endless colds.This year in April I started drinking 2 cups of organic papaya tea a day.1 in the morning 1 before bed. In August my count wad 74!! Two and a half weeks later its 174!! For the past 4 months I have had one cold which I got over quickly and no infection outbreaks!! I have more energy and look more like my old self I look well!! I juice ,take liquid iron and eat lots of kiwis too ( proven to boost platelets) My haematologist is so pleased that we are aiming to reduce my eltrompobag at the end of the month.All power to the papaya !! Goidluck & I hope you are out of hospital soon,I wholly recommend papaya tea.Take care

  • Hi Everyone, my name is David Lowe. I'm extremely interested in papaya leaf and its curative effects. So much so that I did a tonne of research into it. I came across it while in North Thailand when there was a large outbreak of Dengue Fever. Firstly I just want to clear up a few misconceptions:

    1. Papaya leaf is non toxic - if taken in excess the worst that can happen is that it will cause an upset stomach (https://www.drugs.com/npc/papaya.html)

    2. The next best thing if you cannot get the fresh leaf is a herbal extract preserved in alcohol (this is not my opinion but the perspective of herbalists for centuries). If alcohol is a problem simply put the extract in warm water to let the alcohol evaporate before consuming.

    3. Papaya Leaf is very well studied for its ability to cure Dengue, Malaria and to some extent Cancer. A brief web search will show this.

    I have mild adrenal fatigue and will be taking Papaya Leaf Extract permanently (6 weeks on, 2 weeks off - which again is standard practice amongst herbalists).

    Like many herbal remedies papaya leaf has been used for hundreds of years and is far safer for this reason than many western medicines which do not have the benefit of such a long period of usage to draw upon.

    I'm interested in producing papaya extract for a buyers club type scenario and if anyone has contacts or is interested to find out more please let me know.

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