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ITP and infertility

I am from india and having ITP from my childhood and now i am 34 years of age. we are married since 14 years and me afraid of going for infertility treatment. when we consulted doctor she told me that its a rare disease found in Middle east countries and not in india

Here, doctors dont have a proper knowledge of giving treatments as the situation is complex. I am having heavy bleeds on my mensturation and my hb level always below 8.any body can u help me????

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Over on facebook our group called "itp will not rule"me actually has a leading doctor from india as a consultant.ITP isnt as rare as we think and is most certainly found in india as well.I have had it for 17 years had a baby as well.Come join in for more info


Thanks for ur reply. I will join u on Facebook. Any complaints arised during ur pregnancy due to itp.i have seen doctors who were of theopinion that itp is the teason for infertility


No not related to itp. I did have treatment with rituxin 14 months before hand that made my levels even out. Because I had itp for 11years before this my body had been a bit run down I saw a chinese herbalist to help boost my blood in order to support a pregnancy. Perhaps this could be looked into. I was also given tranexamic acid to help stop the bleeding from heavy periods at is is given quite often. I would look at boosting your immunity and possible treatment for itp before attempting pregnancy. What are you platelet levels at? I was as low as 1000 and high as 280,000. It is important that your bod is in its best condition for pregnancy wether you have itp or not.Come ask our Doc some questions.



what did the chinese herbalist give u to boost up ur blood. i am on ayurvedic treatment for platelet and heavy periods. it was under control for 2 years. but last month it was heavy and went to gynaecologist and she gave me tranexemic acid as injection, mefanamic acid and etamsylate. my platelets was only 12,000 and HB 6.7. she referred to a haematologist and from there he gave predinsolone to get started.he gave ferrose injection for my HB . i was having flax seed and moong dal sprouted frequently. before starting i requested him to check my blood again and for my surprise it was 30,000. thank God!!! with in two days the level up to more than 10,000. by that time my mensturation has stopped.

i have joined the facebook site. whats the doc 's name. my gynaecologist told me to use tranexamic acid for the next periods if heavy. any side effect for this medicine.but i would prefer ayurvedic medicine than allopathy. so if this does work well only i would go for allopathy.


Hi Nishassa, So sorry to read your situation, but Mumofwill has given you good advice so look at the Facebook group.

I am not a doctor, but as far a I am aware, ITP is not a cause for infertility but will certainly put this question to specialists in ITP in the UK if you would like. Even here, ITP is rare and there are many doctors and surgeons who know very little about it. I have been in hospital recently for heart bypass surgery and the consultant wanted to prescribe aspirin and warfarin after the operation. These are two of the last drugs that should be taken by somebody with ITP which I am sure you know.

Here, there are several specialists in ITP who will provide assistance to other doctors who know very little about ITP, so I hope the doctor on the Facebook site will do likewise and advise your doctor. Good luck and don't give in to the first medical advice you are given if you are unhappy with that advice. Seek another opinion.

Finally, what treatment do you take for your bleeds? This must be a concern for you, although the count is not always as important as the quality of life (QOL). For years my count was 10+\- but I have been lucky being a man and also not a bleeder. Keep us informed.

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Hai sailor,

I am on ayurvedic treatment for ITP and heavy bleeds. i eat flax seeds which induce my platelet counts. last month my platelets was 12,000 during my mensturation and after my mensturation it raised to 30,000 due to flax seed.


Good morning Nishassa and thanks for your reply.

I do not know what ayurvedic treatment is but would be interested to know. I am however interested in your taking flax seeds and the rise in the count. You may not know, but at the moment the UK ITP support association is funding research into food intolerance and if you have no objection, I will pass this onto the research team. As to your count and bleeding, if I am understanding you correctly, you do not bleed normally only during mensturation and it is at this time that your count drops to 12. Again interesting but there may be valid reasons for this which I do not understand being a man!!

All the consultants will advise that ITP is very much an individual condition and we are all different in both symptoms and also the treatment we respond to. Do look at the UK ITP Support Association web site. There is considerable information there from many of the top specialists from around the world. Also the american PDSA site.

I ment to mention on my last reply, I saw a presentation given by an Indian Doctor, in India, on u tube, which was very comprehensive and informative. Have a look and even tell your own doctor about it. It sounds as though she needs educating about ITP and she is not alone.

Look forward to your reply.


Dear nishassa, I think you should try to contact a blood consultant at a hospital in this country, or go to the hospital where you live. You will be having heavy periods, as your blood dose not clot. If you are thinking of trying for a baby, you really need to speak to someone who has information,to talk to you .As you may need to take sterioids to take your platlet count up. I had my daughter and my platlet count is only severn,but I had to get my platlet count up during pregnancy.


you are from India. So you should go to :

TATA Hospital : Mumbi

TATA Hospital : Kolkata (Dr. manen chandi, Dr. Arpita, Dr. Anupam chakrapani....etc)

Apolo Hospital : Chennai or Delhi

CMC Hospital : Velor.....

you have lots of good hospitals in your country......

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There are nice doctors here in Mumbai. My daughter is getting treated by Dr. Lokeshwar who is a renowned Hematologist. Also, many other hematologists like Dr. Agrawal (In Dadar- Mumbai) and Dr. Parekh (Charni Road-Mumbai) are known to be good for ITP related problems. You can consult any of the doctor here.


Hi, I am also from India. I was diagnosed with ITP in Feb 2014, with a count of 25000, but bleeding every where but my nose. I had purpurra and petechia. After the usual treatment with steroids, my count fell after tapering. I am post menopausal. But for the past 15 days I am on SEPTILIN ( by himalaya Drugs India). My platelets have risen to a healthy 1lac 60 thousand. Septilin is a unique drug in that, in low doses ( in my case 1 tab twice a day) it boosts immunity. In high doses(2tabs twice a day) it suppresses immunity.

For people with ITP, immune system should be suppressed. Otherwise our body will attack our platelets. Septilin acts as a natural steroid. There will be no side effects either . My gum bleeding has also stopped. Hope this is of some help.

Please go through the above sites too.

Get well soon.


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