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My 7 year old son's blood test have come back low platlets (30) he been constantly getting virel infections over the last 18 months

Hes had a wort hes got a varucca and at the moment a cold spot, brusing easly hes on iron tablest he was iron deficiont but thats fine now I feel sick to my stomack wondering what it may be going from a vitaman B12 concern to something much worse I can't even right please help

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Hi there,

Sorry to hear about your son and of your concerns. Perhaps the first thing you may want do is to make an emergency appoitment to see your GP and perhaps you may also want to get in touch with the specialist nurse at the clinic/ hospital department that is treating your son. Explain to them the nature of your worries and discuss with them a possible plan for teating your son. Courage and Good Luck.


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