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My original count was 33 when o found out I had ITP about 9 weeks ago I looked up many items on ITP and some said diet and vitamins helped. I thought I would give it a try. I totally changed my diet and stopped drinking alcohol I don't know if it is a coincidence or not as I know they can jump up and down randomly but The first week I took multi vitamins and omega 3 fish oils my count went up to 44 the second and third week I added papaya extract and the count went up 46 then 47 I then added vitamin C 4th to 7th week it was 52 week on week 7 I also drank a lot of orange juice which I have since found out is not good for ITP week 8 I stopped taking omwga 3 fish oils and drank about 2-3 glasses of fresh orange juice a day week 8 my count went down to 40. I then stopped the orange juice started taking the fish oils again but added folic acid and aloe Vera tablets week 9 My count has gone up to 80. I will update again next week

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  • thank you so much for sharing your experience...please keep updating us about your vitamin's jounery

  • Hello Lyn,

    Thanks for sharing your experience. I use papaya leaf extract in tablet form and I would like to know where you get papaya extract from please.



  • Update as promised on taking vitamins. Since I added folic acid and Aloe Vera in the last 2 weeks my count went from 40 to 80 the first week and this week it's up to 81 so it's worth a try

  • Hw to take aloe daughter of 10 is an itp patient pl guide.

  • Hi I take a tablet form but they do a juice as well you can get from Health shops or online drone Amazon

  • Thanks Lynn, so useful. Can I ask what you eat?

  • I have totally changed my diet. Before I ate I lot of sugary things Cakes and chocolate ect. I have had a food intolerance test done last week and found I am totally intolerant to red and white wine, coffee, all citrus juice and fruits, cheese, and all artificial sweeteners that are in diet drinks, luckily I cut those all out when I found out I had ITP as it says on the websites they are not good for ITP I now eat lots of green vegetables and white meat and salads I have changed to brown bread but don't eat a lot. I eat apples, bananas and beetroot it's good to look at the site for foods that are good and bad and tailor your own foods I have much more energy now so hopefully it's working and the bonus is I've lost 3 kilos in weight

  • I don't drink , I don't smoke ,I do not have saturated fats ( I have high cholesterol on tablets ) I don't eat pork, beef , only certain things I eat , as my diet has to be healthy my only vice now / again chocolate I drink tea , coffee.

    So all in all I would say it is not too bad will look at the site for more advice ,thank you : )))

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