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By how much do normal platelet counts generally fluctuate?

My four year old son had ITP. He went from having a platelet count of 8000 in May to 295K in December after an IVig treatment. Our doctor officially declared him an acute case at that point and said he is done with ITP! However, he just had his platelet count done today as he suffered a minor injury and the ER wanted an accurate platelet count before suturing. It has dropped to 185K in just four weeks. It's still in the normal range but we were surprised at the drop. Any thoughts?

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I was at 7k when I had IVig. I immediately went up to about 150k, then soon came down to 25k ish. I was told not to expect the IVig effect to last, although I've never been as low as I was before it.

In your position I would want my son's count checked regularl (monthly?) for a while, to check it has really stabilised within the norm.

PS I'm now steady at 50k, on no meds and with no serious symptoms, so being below 'normal' isn't necessarily a worry.

Best of luck.


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