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After trying for a year to conceive

Hi!everyone.After trying for a year to conceive on their own, both I and my husband were diagnosed with non-specific infertility, which doctors explained meant that there was no apparent medical problem.we sought help from a fertility specialist and were able to get pregnant, only to lose the pregnancy at 12 weeks. Then, just six weeks later, I conceived naturally. I was incredibly grateful, but I wished friends and family understood she needed to vent, just like every other pregnant woman.My body had failed me for so many years, it had betrayed me over and over by not performing such a basic function. Then I saw her. We did it—my body and I delivered a perfect baby” When puking my brains out I was not allowed to say, ‘Wow pregnancy kinda sucks!’ like all other pregnant women get to because the response was ‘Well, at least you're pregnant now.’ I was thrilled to be pregnant, but felt that was the only emotion I was permitted by others to share."People who knew about my struggle put a lot of pressure on by expecting me to be thrilled all the time."

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hey Julia! always remember it takes a big heart to love and a bigger heart to continue loving after it has been broken. you girl just proved to everyone else that you have such a big loving heart. I'm very happy for you. I and my husband are longing for a baby girl of our own. But naturally conceiving is out of the question as I had my hysterectomy 6 months ago and now also have a disc in my pelvis. I wish you and your family the best of luck and a life full of joy. take care of yourself love


Hi, hun! Sending huge hugs and much of love to you. Together with dh we already have twins conceived through donor egg ivf. After some time we found ourselves with the same place again praying and struggling for more kids. Natural conceiving was out of the question as well - Me: luteal phase deffect, ripe age, 10% verdict of conceiving using own eggs. Wish you all the best, take care x


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