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The word of the day is surrender. Surrender to whatever this is. This life. These struggles. I am literally doing everything that I can to get a chance to make a baby faster. Short of us moving to another state. Which is a ridiculous thought right now anyway. There is nothing else I can do. So why keep fighting with that? I’m tired of being sad. I’ll think about it everyday until it happens but I can accept that. In the meantime I gotta figure out how to bring meaning and joy back instead of just focusing on what I don’t have. Want doesn’t get. I’m just done fighting against it all. It is so tiring. And the more I fight, the deeper I sink, the more I feel like I’m drowning. I think I’m just going to relax and float away with the currents for a while.

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dont loose hope my dear dont be disheartened at all

because what happens happens for our own welfare ,

soo have faith and just go with the flow .

everything gonna be alright !!

you dont have to discourage yorself.

you should take care of urself and just do what you feel is gud for uh :)

and let the things go by on their own sometimes we have to go with the flow so dont be disheartened dear you w,smile and lead a good life ahead :)


Hi Jade_ds

Well dear go with the flow and move on . Do what you like and stay happy . don't be so upset . everything will be fine.


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