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Time to share and get help

I was a bit unsure about fertility forums before, and all. But now when my emotions overwhelm, it seems I’m ready to pour it on you. I’m not sure you need it, but I definitely need it.

I’ve got another one negative test and the period started, again. I feel like I want to get lost, to get drunk or so. Three years of trying on our own, and almost two years of assisted conception. All times negative and they even fail to explain why. This time Doc says that we’d better proceed to donor eggs IVFs. Sorry what? A baby from another woman? In my womb? Gosh, I’m going crazy and now I’m starting to think that this journey leads to dead end. Totally lost and don’t know what to do.

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Aaaww...That's so lovely you gained strength for sharing with us. Don't consider this as an act of "pouring" your problems and emotions on us. It works in 'share-get support' way. so whatever issue you have there is always someone ready to support you believe me.

I'm really sorry for your negatives. I know it's devastating, I know you have more questions than answers...dozens of us are in the same boat. It's even worse to cope with it when you don't know the reason for your infertility. Give it a time honey, it will still hurt but you'll feel you are better with this.


I agree with @Petricker. You should give yourself a time…to accept this option!

It isn’t easy. I also was angry about that. I didn’t want to consider this variant, refused from all the arguments that people try to tell me. But the understanding comes from your head and no one could persuade you, it’s only up to you to decide.

I overcame my negative attitude to this problem just by asking myself a simple question: Do I really want a child?

If this opportunity (egg donation) gives me what i want, will I use it? The answers were “yes”.

Being a mother means sacrifice yourself for your child.

So, maybe you should start to sacrifice your persuasions from the very beginning of your child's life…


Don't afraid of making new steps in your life. Sometimes it could be the better decisions. Of course, it hurts, it's devastating and embarrassing, you don't want to accept the fact you won't be the one who are genetically connected to the baby. but.. what does it matter? you know 'a true mother is not the one that gave birth but the one who cared and brought up'. Your mission is to be the greatest mother in the world.

If I were you I would do all that is humanly possible, I would pass through the mill in order to be a mom

Just think about it

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I think it will be healthy to give yourself some time and prepare yourself mentally and all the thing needed. I may not understand your pain right now but I think time is what you need. You need to be emotionally, mentally, and physically healthy first. Before anything else.


Hey Katt_bee! I am really sorry for your condition. Look IVF is not a bad process to have your baby. If you are not feeling good then it’s your decision. I think you are not thinking the right way. You do not have any other option. If you could have your own eggs then you could get pregnant by yourself. You could also have gone for surrogacy. But not now. So stay positive and choose wisely.


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