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Only option is egg donor

I feel 100 more positive the consultant was very helpful and answered all my questions and talked through my worries. He's referring us for counselling before we make any decisions we can either

*Ask my twin sister to see if she can be a donor ( bf not really up for this) I can see myself it might get complicated and she might not have quality eggs . This is on NHS

*Self fund egg donor here in the U.K. My bf is worried about telling future child about how they was conceived and they can trace donor

* go to clinic aboard that consultant recommended where donor can not be traced and they have a 80% success rate

I think the biggest decision is what and who we are telling what information to so far we have told nobody the struggle we have had so far not even close family. I think at the moment I'm still happy telling nobody until we start the IVF then hopefully when the baby is born telling close family, friends we have used a donor . And when the child is older letting them know how special they are X any advice from anyone that has gone /going down the donor route would be gratefully received 💕

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This is like reading my journey back! Buy 'having your baby through egg donation'. (Books you never thought you'd have to buy.

Don't rush your decision. But don't keep going round in circles.

When we accepted DE... I thought it would just be done! Not more bloody options like above! It just made me cry more! xx

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How are you doing? x


Hi danny137

Like you we were told our only option was donor egg. It was devastating to hear this but after a long chat we both decided it was what we wanted. Our clinic gave us councilling and explained the whole process to use.

We were able to give the clinic some characteristics we wanted the donor to have so the baby looked a bit like me and then they found a donor for us which only took a couple of months.

The next stage was to start the medication to stop my body from working and so the clinic had control. At this time the donor was also taking the medication you have when you do ivf.

When the donor was at the right stage she had her eggs collected and my bf went and did his business. That was the end of the donors role, now it was now to nature.

We were very lucky and got some very good quality eggs from the donor and were able to take them to day 5 before I had one transferred back. 2 weeks later we did a test and it was a BFP.

I am now sat here looking after my 13 month old girl, she is perfect and we wouldn't change anything we have done as we have got a beautiful baby girl from this.

Good luck with your journey hope you find your donor and get a BFP like us xx


I love a good DE news story. Thanks for sharing x


Hi, any reproductive treatment is a tough issue in any case. We faced it some time ago. I couldn't conceive. We failed 4 cycles of ivf with my own eggs. As it didn't work for us and the quality of my eggs became poor we decided to undergo de ivf. honestly, it's a hard decision for me as well. I don't know how to act in this case. I know that this baby wouldn't mine at all but I really want to be a mom. How will I explain this child that I'm only a woman who has carried him or her? Gosh


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