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Hi dear ladies!Salute to Ukraine!How are you all? I want to know about your journey advancing.Who were there during the last time?

After a long pause without posting I’ll be glad to know something about your Ukrainian treatment. sorry that I’m asking only about this country but I had my own treatment there and it’s still important to me.

My sweet little angel is healthy and growing well and she gives a lot of joy to everyone around.

We have our sweet princess thanks to surrogacy in Ukraine. We remember all that this country and its people had done for our happy family.

And it should be interesting to find out about your personal cases and Ukraine’s participation in dealing with them.

Waiting for your activity, darlings!

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what a happy post! I'm not at home waiting till it is 30iest week of the pregnancy of our SM to pack our bags and fly to Ukraine. this is going to be in August or near that time. we're like waiting for our manager to write us an email and update us on everything as she's doing constantly.

You said you've created a poll but it is nowhere to be found....

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Perhaps you ask about this present post, I didn’t make any polls as far as I remember. But there is a question in the tittle.

I supposed that topic about treatment in Ukraine would have to attract more people to talk. I thought it was actual issue.

Maybe I’ve chosen wrong community… not popular. No matter, indeed.

The main thing is that you are on the way to your happiness.

I guess you’ll have the most joyful august in your life.

Do you feel you had made a right choice concerning to Ukraine? Have any regretz?

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Yes, actually I do. I do not think that other clinics would've been worse options but for now, Ukraine and my clinic, in particular, have not disappointed me at all. to be quite honest I would really appreciate it if I had a chance to see what surrogacy is like in other clinics but for us taking risks is a common thing. we do not always know what is waiting for us in the future and when something that we have chosen works out as in my case we cannot do anything with this happiness and relief

I think that for the majority of people Ukraine is just an unusual country, everyone's gotten used to US or UK and all of them think that there are only 2 available options but it is not true though


Oh, God, I wrote a big reply to you few days ago, but as I can notice there is no saved answers from me.

Perhaps I didn’t press the “reply button”.

I had some ideas but don’t wish to repeat and copy them.

The only thing I want to say about Ukrainian position in the credence rating of common costumer is that we find out about real advantages too late as a rule when a huge part of our savings and our golden time were lost..

I can state by my own inspired experience Ukraine has all possibilities to compete with such sharks of this field as the USA.


hm.. I am also very happy with how my surrogacy program has turned out but Ukraine is very different from the US in terms of fertility treatment. It's more of a small country with lots and lots of small clinics that are indeed good but are not that popular yet. even though Ukraine has become a common direction for the many couples.

next time don't forget to press reply haha


It’s in Kiev, Ukraine. I guess no need for exact address. Because if you decide visiting them or be texting with their manager you’ll be met at the airport surely. And your every next visit you’ll be provided with driver.

Ask me what you want, please, I’ll be trying to reply to you.


Bloo, it's so sweet. Although surrogacy is not for me, I'd like to ask you to share more information about the country. It'd be extremely helpful because I'm a bit afraid of staying there. I've been there just for 2 days and didn't have much time to go out of the clinic/hotel. Maybe you have some general advices for foreigners there, what to do and what not to? thanks in advance x


Hi, excuse me I can’t give instant responses. But if I was not late listen closely, dear.

You’re already brave ‘cause you needed being brave to dare passing through treatment abroad.

Just be open to the new country and its residents, show them your true respect, it’s good, and also it works. Be free to ask anybody on the street, lots of natives speak English. Enough to show you the way or suggest you something.

As for us we met polite people there. They were kind to us.

In any case after signing a contract you’ll have a contact with your interpreter, she or he will give you hints not to get into troubles.

But don’t forget about keeping security considerations like during any journey. People are people everywhere.


thank you for giving me a reply Bloo!

Thank you for calling me brave, I didn't expect that lol. Oh, so I can ask anyone on the street and that's ok if I speak English? I didn't think ukrainians speak English but why not actually, it was stupid of me to think like that. so you say that that girl who helped me to sign a contract will give us some advices on how to behave in the country?

Thank you for your help, really helpful.


Exactly so! She is responsible to make things clear to you. she’s not your security but she has to protect you from possible upsets.

You’ll have a time to ask questions, and your manager will reply. I think it’s normal.

Kiev is pretty big, it’s bigger than Amsterdam or Stockholm, be open but don’t forget to be careful.

Good luck, my dear!


Good to hear from you again dear! It's been long time . .:) That's always nice to deal with such positive and shiny people. I feel happy for your successful experience with that clinic. And I'm grateful for your sharing information about it with others. I've found out about the place in one of such forums and think I'll go there soon. With each read piece of information I get more and more convinced that the place is worth going to.


After my own journey I can only confirm that it’s worth to visit. We also were afraid of different risks but fortunately all was fine and we didn’t lose the line of control and understanding and dialogue with the managers.

I don’t like to give advices but I suppose my presence and my words are the proof of my true attitude.

I guess you should try. and this act will check and show whether it was worth or not.

i understand it's not a game. but we always face the necessity of making the next steps and are to go on.


You are absolutely right here.. In order to achieve something we have to take some steps in the direction .. but it's always much better if the direction is correct.. risks are noble thing.. but it's better to evaluate everything several times before doing.. Though that's all too much of phylosophy here... I feel I shoud take a chance and venture into the program within this clinic in Kiev. I believe it's trustworthy and credited..


Did you hear about the happy family org? actually I a bit regret and ask myself why didn’t we find them before we had started? I gonna explain we began our journey with poor knowledge and didn't know what to do step by step.

And it would be very helpful if someone assisted us.

This organization under so easy name is a helping hand to couples which are in trouble with infertility.

It’s a nonprofit team protecting us from different difficulties on the way to our goal achieving.


Hello! How are you? I haven’t been here since last week. Yeah, I keep good memories about one clinic. And I guess I can offer only its medical service. It’s because of my own experience i got there.

However, it should be your decision whether to trust them or not.

I’ll be glad if I help you with some questions.


I had my journey in Ukraine. There are several clinics such-like biotexcom in Kiev. please look through their website it could be helpful. I can conclude that nice guys work there. Indeed, people we met were polite, pleasant and patient to our demands. We were receiving enough attention and info regarding our program. I don’t know what the aspects are interesting to you primarily.

This clinic has a large donor base. As for Ukrainian legislation on surrogacy, everything is alright. They are open for the married straight couples.


I’ll tell in short sentence. We are happy! What can describe it better?

So many events during each day this really helps to forget about everything around. I’m sorry and I a bit feel shame because I also forgot about my own post and I’ve found it accidentally, hah!

Avril grows up very quickly! I’m grateful to God for this holy miracle.


An attraction for infertile couples - Ukraine. Indeed. My SIL had her baby there. The clinic was in Kiev I think. I've never visited them personally. However, I've heard quite a lot about it. They say its speciality is surrogacy. Is that right? What about other treatments like IVF, etc?


Hi Blooo. I am happy for you my dear. I congratulate you for your little bundle of joy. I hope your daughter has an amazing and healthy life. I am glad to know about your experience of infertility procedure in Ukraine. Can you please elaborate on your experience? Many of us are looking for a suitable clinic. Your experience will help many of us.


Hey hi! Can tell about my own route to surrogacy. Few years ago I realized I will never have children on my own cause doctors diagnosed me a neglected form of endo. My husband watched my grief and convinced me to join a surrogacy program. I'm from France but also have Ukrainian roots, so we decided to arrive to Kyiv to make our own research. We visited seven different reproductive clinics to make a right choice and even make a list of advantages and disadvantages of all of them. As a result - very soon we will have our own child! If you wanna hear my impressions about country and services of chosen clinic and another 6 - just contact me via email: janettemarvin88@gmail.com.


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