Beekeeping products to treat infertility

I have heard that beekeeping products like Royal Jelly and Drone Homogenate are very effective in infertility treatment. Both men and women. What about Perga? It sounds interesting. These are natural products, so I tend to believe. Although the testimonies are needed to be sure. I wonder where they can be bought here? In Chinese shops? What are the guarantees?

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  • I am not pregnant yet, but I am fond of non-traditional methods of medical treatment. May I ask you, why have you got interested in bee products. Thanks!

  • Hi! The matter is that I can not get conceive for a year of marriage. Although I and my husband have regular sex without contraception. He is out of suspicion about infertility.He has a daughter from his first marriage, so...I have a very stressful job in the financial sector. I began to wonder why I can not get pregnant. Maybe, it is not a time yet for me. Although I have got "a call" to start thinking about a baby. I am 26 already. My career is not that bad already, but I have to make a choice. Should I be a mom or run my career further? I prefer the former. It is time. But why I can not conceive, even the most suitable monthly periods? What is wrong?

  • I am not that worried right now. Just curious. I use to know what is wrong if something goes wrong. Why bee products? Well, I have a co-worker who originates from Ukraine. She has been born there. But later her family has moved to the UK when she was a teenager. She has got married here and given a birth to one kid. We are pretty close. So, when I talked to her on my issue, she said that in her original country the infertility is successfully treated with the products of beekeeping, like Perga, Royal jelly, etc. It sounded weird to me. I have never heard about that. So, I started to search the web. Indeed, the bee products are considered as a very effective substance for many diseases, including infertility. Then I decided to ask forums. Maybe someone knows more and has real experience. Or at least was a witness with other people. That is it.

  • I understand. The bee products are really well-known as effective remedies for many issues connected with fertility. Both male and female. But it is not a common treatment. Rather not-traditional.

    In the new study, 40 women with mild endometriosis and primary infertility (i.e., they had never been pregnant) who had unsuccessfully tried to get pregnant for at least two years were assigned to receive 500 mg twice a day of bee propolis for nine months. They had a significantly higher pregnancy rate (60%) than those taking other remedies. No any adverse effects were reported by the women taking bee propolis. It is from Bastyr Center for Natural Health.

    So, it really works. It is harmful and strengthens overall health at the very least. That is about propolis. I think the same story is about Royal Jelly, Drone Homogenate, or Perga. I have never tried them yet, though know some women who have. These were not fertility issues, but they have healed many other diseases. So, why not to try.

  • 60% sounds inspiring. It is provoking great interest in me. I will google the web to find more on the subject. Are the bee products used in Asia medicine? I wonder as bees are very ancient insects, as well as honey. So...You told about your interest in non-traditional treatments. What does it mean as a whole?

  • It means that you use the substances, exercises, techniques, etc which are not generally approved by official medical authorities. They may correlate but the doctors are very cautious to prescribe them. Doctors may recommend but do not take the responsibility for an outcome. Who does? It is up to you only. So, do not hurry to use non-traditional means. Especially for infertility treatment. First, visit a doc to get a counsel.

  • It must stop your learning the impact of bee products. That is the case when no harm may be done. Even if infertility will not be healed. Bee products have an overall positive impact on the whole body. All bee products are available in the drugstores. They are sold without a recipe from a doctor. Do not procrastinate. Start from tomorrow.

  • Bee products are widely used in Eastern medicine for treating various diseases. Including infertility. But it must be done under the supervision of a competent and experienced specialist. Preferably of Asian origination. Just start from visiting the pharmacies and asking about available bee products. Then try to take them in. Without stopping sexual relations. Watch your overall condition. After a month or two visit a doctor.

  • Hi! I have read the comments and decided to start. I have decided to try Royal Jelly, Pollen, and Propolis first. My doctor has said it is useful for improvement of the general condition of a body. No harm is suggested. What about exotic fruits? Nuts or other herbs and substances? Any special food and beverages? Will be glad to hear from you again.

  • Girls, I am sympathetic to your interest in these products. But I am doubtful that this can help with infertility. You know, I believe that it is necessary to fight this problem in a medical way. Perhaps this is the use of medications, or it can be an IVF procedure, as well as a surrogate motherhood. Of course, beekeeping products are very useful for our health, but can they help in solving such a difficult problem? I very much doubt, maybe these products will help you to strengthen immunity, improve self-awareness, but as for infertility ...... I do not know, girls ... It is better to find a good doctor and to approach this issue seriously. When my friend was faced with a problem of infertility, she also thought that non-traditional methods of treatment would help her. But unfortunately non-traditional medicine did not help her. And she had to use the service of surrogate motherhood. Alternative medicine can help with colds or it can be used to prevent diseases or general strengthening of the body. But with infertility ... my friend spent time, missed a chance, spent money. Yes, she believed, she drank the different teas that she insisted on herbs. They promised her that it would help, but only the surrogate motherhood helped. My friend started acting only after the doctor explained all the details of the matter to her. She did IVF, but it was without result. And then she and her husband decided that the only chance of having children is a surrogate motherhood. As a result, twins were born with the help of a surrogate mother.

  • I agree the surrogate motherhood provides more chances to get a baby. As well as IVF or IUI. But why not to try non-traditional means first? Just in a complex. It is cheaper. Of, course, drinking only herbal teas surely will not help. But in junction with acupuncture, massage, exercises, acupressure, etc, plus a healthy lifestyle it may work out. especially if doctors do not argue.

  • Hi Litoshka. I don’t know much about these products. However, I have got mixed reviews. For few people, it worked. However, for some, it did not. I will not suggest you to go for these products. You need to do homework on it first. I have heard that they do not have any kind of side effect. However, you still need to be careful.

  • Hi Litoshka. Bee products are an unconventional way to help with infertility. I don't have much experience with it. However, I am an avid reader of forums like these. I have heard the accounts of a few people who have used these products. 2 out of 3 said they found it to be effective. While the last one said that she didn't see any noticeable difference. However, there was no side effect there. Worth a shot I think.

  • Hey there. This is the first I have heard of bee keeping products being used like this. I really hope they are effective. If anyone can share their personal experience, that would be great. The best part is that they are natural. So, hopefully they won’t have any harmful side effects. Looking forward to hearing about some experiences.

  • Hey there. This is the first I have heard of bee keeping products being used like this. I really hope they are effective. If anyone can share their personal experience, that would be great. The best part is that they are natura. So, hopefuly they wont have any harmul side effects. Looking forward to hearing about some experiences.

  • Hi Litoshka,

    I also heard about the beekeeping of my friends also using this kind of product under surrogacyinfo and IVF consultation. She is really happy with this kind of products to treat infertility. As per my experience use this under doctors consultation.

    Best Luck Litoshka.

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