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How long to expect someone to be intubated for?!

My Nan has COPD and has unfortunately caught covid. She has spent the past 3 weeks in hospital. First 2 were with oxygen masks/CPAP etc and the last week intubated. ☹️ We’re just devastated...there hasn’t been much improvement with nan’s breathing/oxygen...but could there still be hope? Would you class “one week” as early days? I’m just scraping for some positive stories and hope right now. She’s 70 and has been so active and well prior to covid! x

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Hi @Dezireeamber

There are many stories of people who have survived- whilst you have to prepare for the worst outcome, it is important to remain hopeful.

I was given little if any chance of survival. I was intubated for 57 days, the had trachy, CPAP, peep & finally nasal prongs & nebulisers.

Recovery goes through stages which are rarely straightforward

I hope you get more promising news in the next few days.

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I watched/read your story’s your story that I remind my family of to try and get us though when we’re at our thank you. You are absolutely amazing! I can’t even imagine the roller coaster of emotions you and your family had to go through! Hope you’re all well now. ❤️

Thank you. I’m really not doubting the nurses & drs (and all the the staff!) at all. They’re literally superheroes. It’s just torture not being able to visit or speak to the Drs & Nurses directly because I’m not down as next of kin...just feel like I’m in a big black hole of unknowns and can’t focus on anything else.☹️

Thanks so much for your reply x

For me (72 then) 1 week was early days I was ventilated and sedated for just under 2 months following heart op, pneumonia and sepsis fortunately all this just before covid. The family were “called in twice”. I also had a trachy.

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I’m so happy to hear you got through it all, that’s insane. ❤️ So strong xx

Hello, I hope your Nan is holding her own/improving. As other posters have said it can sometimes be a long haul, so try to keep that positive thought.Indeed, I know from my own experience to always remain hopeful.

I am asthmatic and was rushed in with a bad case of COVID, gasping for breath.In hospital I then developed pneumonia and suffered a pulmonary embolism which meant large blood clots had to be removed from my heart.

I was CPAP-d and ventilated for about 10-12 days, then put on an ECMO machine, then put back onto a ventilator, which was actually the hardest bit, as they gradually reduced oxygen.

(I was given a tracheostomy at some stage but I can’t actually remember it being done.)

All in all I was in hospital for three months and intubated for at least 4 weeks of the time.

Hopefully there will be positive news for you soon.

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