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Post Tracheostomy and intubation

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My mum (43) was in an induced coma for 2 weeks at the start of January due to a prolonged seizure that was out of the blue. She was in hospital for a further two weeks as she had a tracheostomy in to help her wake with ease from the induced coma.

She has now been out of hospital for 3 weeks and her breathing is very loud and she struggles to move from the couch to the toilet etc. There are no stairs as we are in a flat.

She is also very anxious and has panic attacks.

Is this normal and how long does this last for?

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I was told it would take me atleast 10 days to recover for every day I was in hospital but this was dependent on me doing plenty of physio therapy. I had to rebuild the muscle waste that I had lost whilst in ICU.

Dear Chloe

Your Mum has had a traumatic time as have you and it takes time to get over it. This weekend we are two years on after my brother was able to walk a short distance with a stick as was in an induced coma after Sepsis from flu over the Christmas and New Year. Before that he was a fit active healthy non smoker similar age to your Mum. I am pleased to say he’s gone onto make a good recovery. He still has some long term medical issues.

Being in ICU causes significant loss of muscle mass and it takes time for the body to heal and recover. Is your Mum being supported by an ICU call back appointment to see how she’s getting on. There are lots of good resources on Reading ICU for patients and families. I will send you a link. Best wishes to you and your Mum for her recovery.

Here is a link for patients with useful info for anyone who has been in ICU. There is also information in the website for relatives so this might help you.

I’m 37 and left hospital on a Zimmer fraMe as I was unable to walk after my stay in ITU. Your muscles waste very quickly whilst you are on the ventilator. Your strength does come back though and I had physios come and visit me at home when I was first discharged.

Being in ITU is a physically and emotionally demanding experience. I know I have struggled a lot with how close I came to loosing my life which has caused me a great deal of anxiety. Has your mum been to the GP regarding the panic attacks? It’s really normal to feel like this after an ITU stay and things will get better x

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Hi Vicky I had muscle waste too ,took a lot of determination to learn to walk with the zimmer I still have a walking stick due to balance but have back and spine issues too ..amazing how quick your muscles become floppy isn’t it

? I was determined to walk to the toilet get the catheter out and not use a bedpain or commode seeing as they were all too busy to help me when needed urgently as they are swamped with patients .x

Yes, the GP should be looking after her.

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