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Covid ICU day 20. Dad Re-intubated.


The last 20 days have been the worst days of my life. My dad made small steps after initially being placed on a ventilator. He was extubated three days ago and was starting to “come too”. I was able to talk to him. It was music to my ears. Last night in hi-flow oxygen at 100% he was not able to maintain his oxygen saturation and it dropped to lo 70s. So he is now intubated again and the ventilator on 90%. I feel so defeated. It’s like we are back to square one. The worst feeling to not be able to be there. To hold his hand. Anyone else can share similar stories?

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Critical care is an awful rollercoaster. There are so many posts on here that describe what you are going through and I’m sure many will respond to you. Covid does seem to follow certain patterns where it would appear your loved ones is recovering after a week/ ten days only to plummet into the abyss again.

Many people do come out the other side. I did - I was 57 days intubated & in a coma & spent another 33 days fighting for my life once awake. I was given no chance of survival - in fact, my beautiful wife said that come week 6 they had all given up because the consultants had described such convoluted & complex issues that all Hope was sucked out of the room. Obviously I didn’t hear what was said hence I’m still here 4yrs on - busy trying to live normal.

Thank you for your comment. I have high anxiety and depression. I’m so happy you came out and I’m hoping my dad has the same fate.

There is no reason why your Dad can’t, people on here will try & give you as much support as they can & share their experiences - buckle up - it is a hell of a ride I’m afraid. Do look after yourself, try and get into a proper sleep pattern, eat sensibly etc etc, you will need all your strength and clarity of vision to support your father on this journey.

Thank You. I’m looking to talk to a therapist. I need to be strong for my mom. I’m afraid I’m fretting the long ride. But I’m trying.

We all surprise each other. I am neither a robust or brave person ( I would say) I’d never been in hospital significantly until 4yrs ago, I had an aversion to GP, needles etc etc. In the last few years I have had so many disgusting procedures & treatments - we get through - don’t you fret - keep talking - that’s the main thing.

I appreciate you! I’m happy to find this thread. I don’t feel alone.

Update. I called the nurse and the ventilator is at 55%. They are slowly bring it back down. On the FaceTime call he looked so peaceful. It was a little comforting. He had 1 unit of blood given to him. His hemoglobin goes down. (This is his third transfusion) Not sure if it’s because of the blood thinners or his kidneys. Sadly we hardly talk to the doctor, though we request everyday to do so. I’m struggling with my mental health. I am reaching out to a therapist tomorrow.

Well that all sounds very positive on all counts. I don’t believe that it can get anymore stressful than critical care, incidentally, a group of us who are expatients & family members now do a gentle yoga class on line each week - we all found it immensely beneficial to ground oneself again.

Have a look at this website - loads of good info on it.

Thank you. Thank You. I also haven’t slept in two days. So I’m going to get rest and check out your link.

Hi there,

Really sorry to read of your Dad’s current predicament and without the full details, it’s difficult to speculate why reintubation was required.

It sounds like they weren’t quite ready for extubation just yet?

Are they considering a tracheostomy? This will enable a “slow wean” as it means they can reduce the sedation more and allow your Dad to gradually reduce their ventilatory support.

My Dad was intubated for 2 months, so please don’t give up home.

You have every right to speak to the doctors, so please request the Icu staff to do so.

Perhaps they need CPAP for longer/a slow wean/further specialist investigations to determine what’s hampering the weaning process?

God bless and stay strong. Your Dad won’t want to see you upset. You need to speak to the doctors with courage, so they know you want him to fight...

PS Feel free to DM if I can be of any help. 🙏🏽🤞🏾

Thank you. Yes they mentioned the possibility of a tracheostomy once. I’m thankful for my sisters that are a lot stronger than me. The have been more stern.

A Trachy may sound horrific, but it allows for a much more predictable wean if you are heading into prolonged mechanical ventilation (>14 days) or there are extensive pathologies/co morbidities.

It is incredibly hard for all the family and some will have better coping measures. Do your best to stay strong and give each other support. Try not to bottle anything. Let it all out to them, on here or call the NHS helplines.

I needed medication to sleep properly and I would suggest if you are struggling to get good quality sleep, to contact your GP.

Thank you DrArds. I’m struggling with eating and sleeping. I have contacted my therapist and seeked my psychiatrist . I need to figure out how to stay strong. I was over the moon when I heard my dad talk and him recognized me. But when it was taken away. I was floored. Thank you soo much for reaching out. When I found this site I completely was relieved to get some answers and clarity on some of the things that are happening to my dad.

Good man! There’s no shame in getting professional help in these dark days of emotional trauma!

If you have any queries or want to ask me anything either here or via DM, please do not hesitate to do so.

I have done just the same and even to let off some steam, this helps immeasurably.

Let’s hope your loved one has a better weekend. God bless 🤞🏾💜🙏🏾

Thank you 🙏🏻

I feel your pain this horrid virus let’s you think your winning then knocks you down again ! My husband was in ICU nearly 6 weeks and even sepsur will tell you from my posts we had so much go wrong I didn’t think he or I could get through it . But we did and now he’s been home for 2weeks and slowly gaining his strength . I pray for you and your dad and hope this crazy roller coaster called Covid will come to an end soon for you both . Sending prayers and virtual hugs xxxxx

Thank you!! I appreciate this. I’m so happy you have your husband with you! It gives me hope. My husband has been my rock through all this. Me and my whole family beat Covid. Now we are praying and fighting with my dad.

My dad and his cousin were both in ICU around the same time for COVID-19. Our cousin came off the ventilator first, but had to be re-intubated a few days later after he developed pneumonia and a fast heart rate. He also has a prior history of uncontrolled diabetes. He stayed on the ventilator the second time for a few weeks before they did a Trach at the end of May. He did very well with it and was transferred to an acute rehab Hospital on June 5th to help him with weaning. He is now breathing on his own and was transferred to another rehab hospital about 10 days ago for PT. A long road ahead but he is doing well.

The constant ups and downs are awful but don’t give up hope! It seemed that for each step forward for my dad (and my cousin) we had 2 steps back. My dad is now home and slowly making progress. I hope your father will soon be home too.

Thank you So much! I’m so happy for your loved ones. Yes it very much feels like I am back at square one. I’m hoping to see more improvement soon. But I feel like I can’t get my hopes up with this virus. I’m not giving up on my dad. I just really miss him very much. I feel so bad with what he is going through. Thank you for the hope.

Update on my dad. He is stable. Vitals looking good. He is still on the ventilator now at 50% and peep at 12. They are slowly weening him to see how he reacts. I’m keeping hope. My dad is strong. He is only 56 and has soo much to live. I’m so relieved to have found this site. I don’t feel so alone.

That sounds very positive.

Dad is stable today. They gave the ventilator at 45% and his oxygen saturation is doing well. He has been proning for 17 hours. His vitals are good. Sugar levels are good due to a insulin drip. Nurse said my dads recent chest X-rays shows a slight improvement from his last X-ray. - are there any other questions I should be asking? I’m slowly learning the medical terms and processes .

That's really positive, I found the proning really helped my dad! Great news on the Xray improvement too!


Yes. But in my heart it is soo hard to get my hopes up. The constant step backs are so disheartening.

They are disheartening and I had moments when my mind went to the most negative and darkest places but i had to remember that whilst he is breathing, my dad is still fighting and if he isn't giving up than neither will I.

Keep the hope and we are all here to help you keep strong xx💜

Yes I am staying strong like my dad. And I truly appreciate the words I get through this site. I don’t feel so alone .

Sending love xx

Hi guys. I’m personally having a hard day. My dad is still at 45% on the ventilator peep of 12. They are struggling to regulate his sugar today. It dropped too low 66 and when to 330. I’m worried. He has a fever of 101.00 and the nurse mentioned his blood was slightly acidic. That is the reason the haven’t lowered the ventilator. Anyone else go through this?

Hi, I’m sorry you’re having to deal with all this. I was in the same boat myself so I understand the fear that comes with each new update. I’m sending positive energy your way so your dad can be back home in no time.

I wanted to ask about your dads medicine list. Are they giving him a Therapeutic dose of anti-coagulants? (Like Heparin) this is especially important for covid patients and some places are doing this per protocol, but others have not started doing this yet, but it can make a big difference.

Other than that, 45% on the vent is a good setting, definitely moving toward the right direction. I’m hoping you continue to get positive news moving forward.

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Hi. Since I am not well versed in the medical field . I am not sure. But I will ask. I know he is on Blood Thinners . And I know this is a concern because he is also a stroke survivor. I appreciate the suggestion. Thank you 🙏🏻 for the Positive Energy! I need all I can get.

Update on my dad. We are on day 26. Sigh. He had set backs this week. He is now at 65% vent with a peep of 10 and his oxygen saturation is low to mid 90s. He is struggling. Also he is now mostly on his back. Because being in the prone position makes his oxygen saturation got down to the 80s. He is not comfortable.

The doctor called us and told us that he has made little improvement and gave us little to now hope for him. Also that his kidneys are struggling. I’m floored. We discussed possible moving him towards a trach. How is it possible to have hope or faith if the docs are not on your side?

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