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Hemorrhagic Stroke - an update


I just wanted to share with you that it’s been 3 months since I wrote my post about my husband’s hemorrhagic stroke. He finally came out of his deep coma after 3 weeks and spent a further 2-3 weeks slowly gaining consciousness. We had some faint right hand/finger movements which gave us hope that he was still in there. They fitted a tracheostomy after he regained consciousness to give him more independence.

He is now in a rehabilitation clinic since mid-December - where he began to engage more and more with his therapies.

We are now 3 months since his stroke and he continues to make progress. We heard his voice for the first time last week which was a massive step in the right direction. Sadly, left side paralysis persists so he’s in a wheelchair and needs constant nursing care. He has a lot of confusion and anxiety at times but the team are trying to help him.

A recent MRI confirmed no further bleeds and they admitted they were very pessimistic for the outcome when they did the initial surgery..... they didn’t think he’d make it.

We will keep going with lots of positivity and limitless love for him. There’s a long road still ahead but we will do all we can to get him better and eventually come home.

Thank you to all of you who responded and told me not to give up hope - you were right!

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Hope your husband manages to engage well with the physios & they help him to regain as much strength back as possible.

I am really glad your husband has been able to speak for the first time and is making progress. It’s a hard path but together as a family things will get better. Wishing you and your husband all the best for the path to recovery and him coming home.

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