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ICU breakdown

I recently went to urgent care because I was having difficulty breathing. I have a history of pulmonary embolism‘s eight to be exact and yes I’m still alive. Urgent care ordered a stat CT scan. I went to the hospital and they did a D dimer and because it was normal they did not do the scan and they said that my hemoglobin was 8.2. They said I would need a blood transfusion but then change their mind saying you could walk around with a hemoglobin of eight. I asked them to run My iron and it was only three so I was admitted overnight and given to iron transfusions and sent home I still had the same pain that took me to the hospital. I then went to see my GP and he said I’m not sure who put you on my schedule but I don’t have time to see you. Thus he let me go and never listen to my lungs. I then went to my pulmonary doctor and he ordered a steroid thinking I had pleurisy. I then went to CGI right after and he said it was rib pain that I was Feeling. I went and took the steroids for one day and felt a little better the next night however I woke up and it was like Someone was taking an ice pick to my chest. I tried to shower and was going to drive myself to the hospital but had to call 911. I went to the hospital and was told I had an ammonia, empyema, a collapsed lung and to pleural effusion’s.I was in the hospital for 16 days and put on life-support. I don’t remember probably 11 of the days and I’m having a terrible time with this. I was on 50 L of Vapotherm and still couldn’t breathe. Does anyone have any suggestions how to get over running this like a loop in my head. There were mistakes made I had a chest tube and they made a medicine ball ball and it released to 700 mL of gunk out of my chest I had a thoracentesis as well however in the hospital they gave me my blood thinner and they weren’t supposed to which delayed my procedure for a full day and that’s when I ended up on life-support with the doctor saying I would not live if I did not go on life-support. Somehow I made this decision to say yes when I kept saying no. I just feel kind of lost..

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Does the hospital do a follow-up clinic?

What I found comforting was that my experience was fairly bog standard for an ICU encounter.

This is a good guide


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