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Sepsis hair loss


I understand that the anaesthesia now used causes the hair loss.. going through it now and stressed out

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Sorry for you hair loss:(

I had handfuls of hair coming out last week. It made me so sad.. cried a lot. I am 39 year old lady.Now I shaved my head. It’s hard on us all!

The overriding factor maybe the stress on the body of being In ICU, I don’t know that there is any direct evidence that anesthesia by itself causes hair loss. ... correct me if I’m wrong - most importantly, one’s hair normally grows back ( possibly a slightly different texture)

Mine started growing back a couple of weeks ago. I look like a troll with all these hairs sticking up. It will grow back but until it does it will be stressful talk to your supportive friends! I was in ICU in October btw, to give you an idea of the timeline.

Hiya. I lost about 70 percent of my hair after sepsis and pneumonia. But it grew back. It’s a difficult thing to go through knocks your self esteem. My hair is the same as it was before my very serious illness. Just keep looking forward. It takes time though I’d say about 18 months for me. Keep smiling.

Morning, I was fine and then I was in the ER fighting for my life. On Jan. 18 I had a kidney stone block a kidney that was infected (undiagnosed) and it happened really fast. In the hospital 2 weeks with a tube in my kidney and coming out of my back. I had that for a month till my kidney stone surgery. Once I was finally home. I had a lot of trouble with my blood pressure when I stood up. I guess my vascular system was still weak, but that is finally improving. I also spent a few weeks just laying on the couch with no energy. My hair began falling out a week ago. I have extremely thin hair to begin with, and with the surgery and having Septic shock, I'm so afraid I will lose all of my hair. I struggle everyday of my life with having parts of the front of my scalp showing and I dont know if i can make it if it all falls out! Will all of it fall out and does anyone know what can be done to cover my head? I dont think I can leave my home with no hair! My hairstylist friend said never to put anything tight on my head (eg. baseball hat) so I dont mess with blood flow to my scalp. I was using Rogaine before this happened and still use it hoping my hair will grow back faster. And I know if I stop using it my new hair will fall out but I will stay on it forever! I just wish this never happened:(

My hair has been thinning for a few years, however since being in hospital in a medically induced coma and having sepsis my hair is falling out to the point if I move my hand over my hair loads of it comes out. I think it is due to stress and hopefully will grow back. However it didn't help that the nurses never brushed my hair and a huge cob formed in the back that had to be but off leaving the hair there nearly bold. I found cutting my hair shorter helped as there is less strain on the hair from being long. I know this will drive you made as it would me but try not to worry about it as that will make it worse. So long as my partner don't care if I went bald then the whole world can go XXXX themselves as I only care what I think and may partner thinks about it. Hope this helps.

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