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Severe hair loss with Septicemia :(

I was diagnosed with Necrotizing Fasciitis and Septicemia in November 2018. I am still going for wound treatment in my tummy area. I started suffering with chunks of hair loss from January 2019. It is so depressing. Hair all over the place. When I comb my hair there is full hair in the comb, the floor, my clothes. It is so depressing really. Not sure what I will do if get bald. How long will it take for my hair to stop falling this way???

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My hair fell out for about a month - you could see my scalp all over. It has grown back fully - slightly different texture - I guess it took about 6 months. It is surprising distressing - bearing in mind what else we have all been through. I’m sure, like everything, everyone is different & we recover at different rates. I hope all your on going treatment is a success


Thank you.

Glad to hear that it has grown back fully. It took a long time tough. But hey im glad there is a positive from this. I am feeling so much more healthier. I guess Time Heals!!!

I just have to be patient. We went through a terrible ordeal already.

Hope you are all well now. And living life like a normal person :)

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My hair started falling out when I got home after my bout with septic shock from pneumonia. I'm a nurse but my memory and thinking were not what they were before my illness and at first, I panicked. Then, I remembered it happened after sepsis quite often. My hair has thickened a lot since then (Summer 2016). I got a big bottle of castor oil and would massage it into my hair and scalp, wrap it in a towel and let it soak in for up to four hours, then wash my hair. I did that a few times a week, then weekly and now I do it once or twice a month. I use it on my eyelashes and eyebrows too and it's helped them. But, your hair will grow back. Hope this helps. Use your strength to heal and the hair problem will resolve.


Thank you so much. I will definitely try the castor oil. Apparently castor oil/ olive oil helps to open up the hair follicles.

My skin on my palms and foot all peeled off completely and new skin formed. I guess its more or less similar with my hair.

We all went through a really horrible condition. But I'm glad we have all survived this ordeal.


I had sceptacemia many years ago and lost my hair through all the medication they gave me. It did eventually grow back and I had this wonderfull head of hair. I am now 64 and I still have it. So don’t dispair.Obviously the medication saved my life. and so it’s important to carry on with that. All the best to you. Catherine.

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Thank you Catherine. Im so happy for you. Its great to hear such positive stories. Im 32 and i hope i can give the same kind of support to someone when im your age. All the best. Take care :)


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