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Sepsis and pneumonia

Hi my mam is in icu James cook she has pneumonia and sepsis

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So sorry to hear that, is she in intensive care?

I also had sepsis and pneumonia and am here to tell you that we are all rooting for you and your mum.

Keep in touch x


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I am another survivor of pneumonia & sepsis. Best wishes & wishing your Mum a speedy recovery.


I’m with my mam today she looks like she is crying it’s so hard to see her like this tears keep coming from her eyes has anyone experienced the same she is still in the induced coma xx


Lillybluebell123 I meet some of survivors of both, who fully recovered after this. I know it is scary to see your loved one so sick but talk to her and be there for her. Hearing you can help her wake up when she will be ready. She has sedation so she is not in pain and is "resting" to get her strength back. It is a hell for the whole family. We are going through similar situation (excluding sepsis, but with several other conditions) with my dad for close to 3 weeks. Stay strong and always be positive. Wish your mom a speedy recovery.


Thank use it was so hard seeing her cry she couldn’t move just her eyes were watering and I could tell she was really upset it’s day 9 today it’s really hit me and my sister hard this is the first time my mam has been in hospital for something like this they are fitting the trachy tomoz as she keeps borking gagging and been sick on the tube I hope it will help my mam xx


lillybluebell, it’s the toughest thing ever to watch your own mum fighting such a battle. My mum too had double pneumonia from two different strains of swine flu and sepsis. She’s 73. It took her 2+ weeks of induced coma, 4 weeks in ICU and another 2 months before she could leave the hospital. All up 1/4 of the year 2018 was spent in hospital and a few times they just weren’t sure if she could pull through. With a lot of rehab and therapy, she is back on her feet. I want to let you know that there is hope and even when some days are tougher than others, don’t give up. Keeping you and her in my thoughts.


Hi thanks for the kind words means a lot just a little update my mam is awake everyday she is getting stronger today she can hold a pen she has been doing some breathing on her own it’s so good to see her smile and joke about her snoring I really thought I was never going to see my mam awake it has been the scariest 2 weeks of my life for me and my family it’s going to be a very long road to recover but she is getting there slowly xxx


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