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Ventilator Weaning

Hi all,

I’ll try to make a long story...less long. My husband had a tumour on his Medulla/Brain stem which was surgically removed (90%) on the 17th of Sept.

He is currently needing mechanical ventilation in ICU although they have begun the weaning process. His longest single C-Pap session was two hours and the most he has done out of a a day is 4x1hour sessions. The fact that he can breathe at all gives me hope that it can come back, but i worry that he will never be off the ventilator and so will never come home.

Do you have any advice on long term ventilation weaning? Any hope would be greatly appreciated.

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My husband (tbi anoxic) is off the ventilator after 4 weeks. He has a trac fitted but breathing air on his own yesterday . It takes time and you just need be patient. We were worried at first he wouldn’t cope and it took a few sessions of weaning off . So stay strong . And take each day as it comes .


I was on some form of ventilation for 3 months after septic shock & severe ARDS. I was weaned off - nebulised occasionally. Discharged from hospital without any need of support. I have a type of asthma now if I get any cough etc.. temporary & shortlived. Hope everything works out

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Thank you for your reply, it gives me hope. He’s been in the ICU 49 days, only really started weaning him about 3/4 weeks ago when he could only do 15 mins a day, so being up to 4 hours in a day is good but i keep overhearing the doctors say it is going slowly which makes me feel depressed. The rest of his movements have come on so much, but you can see that time on the C-Pap really shatters him.


I was on a ventilator for over four weeks, two weeks intubated, two weeks with a trach. My medical record states 'difficult wean'; it certainly was from my point of view! The reason for the difficulty I don't know but I'm guessing it was due to bronchial issues. I have mild bronchial problems which I put down to years of passive smoking in the past (I'm a lifetime none-smoker)

In any case, the weaning process can take time, so be patient.


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