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Father in hospital for 3 weeks


Hi all, first time writing on a forum so hear goes nothing. My dad has been in hospital for almost 3 weeks now and still technically he has not been properly diagnosed.

He originally had an operation for a slipped disc 6 weeks ago and the op was a success. Soon after he started to pain and subsequently got an injection to try and help. It did absolutely nothing and the pain stated to get worse and he became slightly delirious walking into my brothers wardrobe and trying on his clothes and then getting lost and not knowing how to get back to his bed.

He was subsequently checked into hospital and he has now been there for over 3 weeks in high care. They had originally thought septacimia but it wasn’t that, then turns out he had a virus and post ct scan and lumber puncture seems to confirm viral meningitis. The worst part is that whilst all this is happening, he is going from days where he is perfectly cognisant to days where he is completely inept and hallucinating terribly. This may even swing hour to hour. He has been treated for this but is still not improving and losing weight and muscle mass quickly.

Doctors has also suspected s psychotic break prior and now have picked up an irregular heart beat due to heart not pumping enough blood to the brain and consequently suspect a stroke. He has had so many blood tests, ct scans etc and they have not picked up anything! The swings of this emotional rollercoaster is like nothing I have ever experienced. From the highs of temporary recovery to the lows of trying to speak to someone who doesn’t recognise you.

No words left and just want some steady progress but it is t happening. He is being fed intravenously, bed ridden, catheter inserted and looks like a pin cushion.

Anyone experienced anything similar to this? What are the recovery times for someone after 3 weeks in high care etc?

Any feedback welcome.

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I hope your father turns a corner soon.

Recovery is different for everyone, as you can imagine, there are so many variables. I was told it takes 10/14 days to recover from everyday you are on ICU ( I do not know if HDU is technically consider icu for these purposes) The variables are dependent on many things. A 50 yr old heals quicker than a 70 yr old as so forth. If you were fit before you got ill, you might recover quicker. Of course these are only rough guides. I was expecting a 3yr recovery process - 2yrs on, I am nearly back to normal.

I am sorry you guys are going through this.

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