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Keep my father in family in prayer


Hi so it's been 10 weeks since my dad been in ICU in man made coma. My mum told me couple weeks ago that he opens his eyes for short time. But we got a call from my father doctor he said my father was up for 6 hours and the Doctor was about to walk out the room then he turn and looked at my dad n seen my father moving his head n moved his hands can any please let me know how long until he is fully up. God is bigger then any Doctor. I never lose Faith in Jesus that he was going to trun this all around and my father is healed by the holy one gods only son Jesus Christ. God bless all I'm times like this the best thing to do is trun to are father Jesus Christ

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Stay positive and strong for your dad. My dad was in inducted coma for 5 weeks.... and it took him nearly a week to wake up.... now he is suffering pneumonia and one of his lungs collapsed but still I believe he is going to recover.

Needgodshelp in reply to Jo2018

Have Faith in our father Jesus Christ believe that he is already heal.

Hi I read your post and it touched me very much. My mam was in a coma and it took her 2 weeks to come round out of it she is now home but things aren't still all the same she forgets everything and she thinks things are there when they aren't but we are happy that she is talking and alert just she iisnt the same person we all new and loved very dearly I will keep you and your family in my prays xx

I believe that God is still healing your mom god bless u guys and thank u

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