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Hi everyone please keep my dad in prayer God bless u all. JesusLovesYou

Hi everyone my dad is still in ICU in a man-made, coma. anyone tell me if this is good signs my father finally opened his eyes a week ago but just for very short time and close Them again since then he opened his eyes looks around looks at the roof mostly looks like he's just in space and not in the room Like delirious. good sign. but can anyone plz tell me more is he waking up. how long, thank u jesus I know god hears all of our prayers, god please be my Jesus💪👀 amen

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It took me 11 days to wake from 2 month coma. Even after this time, I was emotionally & mentally turbulent for many weeks. Have a read of Icusteps pdf on delerium & critical care.


Best wishes moving forward

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Hi so it's been 10 weeks since my dad been in ICU in man made coma. My mum told me couple weeks ago that he opens his eyes for short time. But we got a call from my father doctor he said my father was up for 6 hours and the Doctor was about to walk out the room then he turn and looked at my dad n seen my father moving his head n moved his hands can any please let me know how long until he is fully up. God is bigger then any Doctor. I never lose Faith in Jesus that he was going to trun this all around and my father is healed by the holy one gods only son Jesus Christ. God bless all I'm times like this the best thing to do is trun to are father Jesus Christ


My dad took over a week. The doctors we’re going to check for brain activity then suddenly he decided to wake up. We had another 2-3 weeks of delieri after that. It’s down to the individual. Try not to worry. He will come out of it in his own time. My dad is mentally sharper now than he was before he had the same as your dad.

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So good to hear. Glad your dad is ok.

How long over a week may I ask?

Right now I’m in same situation with mum, I’m suppose to have meeting today to discuss next steps but they already been talking about getting her off a ventilator. It’s ridiculous, it’s only been a week and she been in the ICU 5 week’s which 3 of those weeks she was sedated everyday as she had some seizures. Like anyone would taken awhile when they have been sedated that much.

They stopped sedated her for about two weeks now and say they are just waiting for her to wake up. She not fully awake but at times she opens her eyes, yawns, moves lips.

They say she has some brain damage but Im 100 % sure she can hear us she opens her eyes when she we are speaking. Not all the time but it happens. She even had tears coming out her eyes once.

Doctors think she is not improving because she hasn’t shown any meaningful movements at all.

No moving of legs, arms or anything like trying to take tube out her mouth as she should be aware it’s there.

I don’t know what to do. I just know it’s too soon for to take her off ventilator when it’s possible she may die.


Let her come out of it at her own time god is bigger then any doctors


Sorry for the late reply. God is bigger then any doctor in this world have Faith keep praying let her come out of it on her own don't let the doctors tell u what u should do


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