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My father had pneumonia and H1n1 one day he had his breakfast and went for sleeping after some time he came and said he is not able to breathe then we rushed to hospital they put my father on ventilator as his oxygen level was 28 after 1dsy he was ecmo as breathing is not improving later he had developed ARdS he fought for 10days and lost the battle. My question is if pneumonia was detected before 1day would he will be able to survive asking this question because we went hospital before 24hrs of his breathing attack doctor told its normal conjestion.

I am dying every day by thinking if I would have taken him to big hospital 1day before the attack he would have been saved

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I so sorry to hear your very sad experience. It is so difficult not to live life backwards....”If only....” but we do what we do at any given moment without the luxury of 20-20 hindsight.


I'm very sorry to hear of the loss of your father, I had a very similar situation I went to see my GP who diagnosed a chest infection 3 days later I eas rushed to hospital by ambulance so close to death it was believed I wouldn't survive, I spent 3 months in ICU and consider myself extremely lucky to have survived but often wonder if my GP had spotted the pneumonia it me have been a different outcome but unfortunately we can't change time.


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